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04132019 – CrossFit

The plan had been to get up and run and then do 10am CrossFit while one child was doing the CrossFit Kids program. But I was definitely feeling tired from the late Friday night and didn’t wake up with time to run, recover, and CrossFit. I’m kind of glad I didn’t because the workout was hard enough as it was!

The warm-up was a tempo push-up EMOM with 3 push-ups each minute following a 3 second down, 3 second hold at bottom, and regular pace back up. It was only 21 push-ups but the tempo caught up to you!

The strength portion was a Power Snatch workout. Another EMOM with 5 Power Snatches per minute for 8 minutes. The plan was start light and end up at a challenging weights. I started with the empty bar and progressed from there. So I did 45, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85. The last 5 at 85 was definitely challenging. The combination of the weight and the volume was tough!

Then the MetCon. I ended up doing the Silver as written which meant my weights were a little light, but I can’t do Toes 2 Bar. I need to work on the kipping motion to really make progress I think. The weight for silver was 55#. The class was full so there weren’t any 35# bars left so I opted for the 45# with small 5# plates which meant I was a little lower starting on the deadlifts so I didn’t take them back the floor. But also 55# deadlift was pretty light for me. So the workout was 5 rounds for time of 10 Toes to Shoulder, 10 Shoulder to Overhead (I did Push Jerks), and 10 Deadlifts all with the same barbell. I finished at exactly the 8 minute mark. This was no joke of a workout!

04122019 – CrossFit

I don’t want to give up my Friday time at Solcana, the PSE Pro training plan has Friday as a Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning Workout. I need to do a better job at the beginning of the week in mapping out the plan for the week so I can move workouts around better. I also need to do a better job of getting up and out in the mornings for a workout too! Solcana doesn’t publish the workouts until 8pm the night before, but I do now know the strength schedule will be squats on Friday and Power Snatches on Saturday.

The warm-up was Kettlebell windmills, swings, and jumping lunges.

Strength was Back Squats and Pause Back Squats. We slowly worked our way up to the working weight and then did 4×4 it was supposed to be around 80%. I got to 155#’s and felt that was weight for the day. Then we dropped a bunch of weight and did squats with a 2 second pause at bottom and a 2 second pause just above parallel each rep. I did these at 115#’s. It was supposed to be around 60%. 80% for me is 165 and 60% is 123. I haven’t squatted since January and nothing consistent since last summer so that isn’t too surprising.

We then did a partner workout which was simple, but was a 14 minute AMRAP of waiter walk and weighted lunges with the same kettle bell. I used the 35# one. I can get the 53#’s up and locked out but would have struggled to maintain it throughout. I ended with 5 complete rounds and Rica finished us out with a few lengths on the waiter walk and she started first so we had a total of 10 rounds and a few reps.

04112019 – CrossFit

Snow day… We ended up with a snow day today!! I had planned on running, but couldn’t get out of bed in time and it was a mess outside with 4 or 5 inches of fresh heavy snow and some drifts and ice. We probably could have had school, but I think it was a wise decision to be safe. Since today was a scheduled run day and because I had biked on the last run day, I felt like I should do a Strength and Conditioning workout instead of the bike trainer. For simplicity sake I’ll continue to call these CrossFit workouts because they are essentially that with the same format and theory base.

Today’s workout required overhead work so I brought up my barbell and weights and did the workout in the little entry way between the dining and living rooms! I ended up scribbling the workout on some junk mail: 

The Strength was 4 rounds of 2 strict press, 3 push press, and 4 push jerks. I warmed up and did the workout with 65#’s on the bar.  I finished the conditioning workout in 10:45.  For the jump rope I did single unders and just doubled the number.  This was supposed to be PSE Gear 1-4 which essentially means not open mouth breathing. Haha… I tried that but didn’t make it through the first round!  

It was nice to get a workout done and not to leave home on a snow day. 

04032019 – CrossFit

I had trouble deciding what to do this morning. I liked the idea of sleeping in and doing the PSE workout at home. However, getting to see my 5:30am friends at Solcana was also a great idea. The PSE workout had Pendlay Rows which I’ve not done and pullups which I can’t do at home. The Solcana workout had running and deadlifts both of which I’d done already this week. Tough choices…

Ultimately, I ended up going to Solcana. It was also owner/coach Hannah’s last class coaching before going on maternity leave which was a nice bonus! After an extended warmup we did a 5 round metcon! Each round was


30 situps

15 deadlifts 135 (I could maybe have done the next heavier weight, but that was a lot of deadlifts!)

With 1 minute of rest before the next round.

I split the situps and deadlifts into 3 sets for each round. The last round I did less situps per set but did the deadlifts unbroken.

I finished in 24:17. Each round was pretty close time wise. These are my approximate guesses:






It was a good workout!! I never regret going to Solcana, except maybe tomorrow when I have to do intervals again!!

04012019 – CrossFit & Bike

The timing was a little tight from the Winter Triathlon to needing to start a training plan for my Spring 12.5k and Adventure Triathlon. I obviously have a good cardio base to start from, but I need to get more running in for the Superior race as its going to have a lot of hills and I won’t be successful just getting by.

I didn’t want to just use the same CrossFit Endurance training plan as last year, though I ended up going with a Power Speed Endurance Pro (PSE PRO) plan which is essentially the same thing! But it is actually more programmed than what I did last year so we’ll see what happens. Each workout is programmed with notes, warm-up, strength, conditioning, and recovery. Plus a fuel section.

Today is the beginning of the T-Cycle. It will work pretty well until the end when I need to taper down a week before the cycle ends. The weekly cycle includes Strength & Conditioning x 2 (CrossFit), Short Interval Session, Long Interval Session, Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning, Stamina and Active Recovery.

The notes and videos will help along the way and there is a strong emphasis on breath work which is a big component of the PSE model. Each workout begins and ends with breathing.

So today was Deadlifts. 5-4-3-3 (135, 185, 205, 215)

Followed by a 12 minute AMRAP of

20 Kettlebell Swings 53#

10 SeeSaw Dumbells 15#

5 Hang Power Cleans 45#

I finished 7 rounds and 10 swings.

The program lists a range of weights and scaling so I probably should have done more weight on the dumbbells and cleans, but it was also the first programmed workout I’ve tried in the basement and my basement gym lacks some things! I had to do the SeeSaw dumbbells on my knees so I didn’t punch a hole through the ceiling!