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02092019 – Bike and CrossFit

A little before and after shots! It was -8 when I left the house, so I tried using the silk balaclava, but even the thin silk was too much to breathe through.  Plus it is hard to spit and blow snot rockets while wearing one! My sister said that I took it off just for the beard pic! 

The Back 40 was well groomed and packed down.  A snowshoer had been quite meticulous about stepping side by side and creating a wide trail to ride on.  It felt good, it is definitely not easy going as my 4 mph reflects, but I think that will improve over time too.  I just got a sweet deal at the Angry Catfish on some studded tires, but I haven’t put them on yet.  

About 3/4 of the way through the loop, my toes started getting really cold and eventually went numb! I’ve been wearing my nice Gortex La Sportiva’s but they don’t really have any insulation so they only can do so much. A nice pair of riding boots is pricey, so I might try my regular snow boots next time to see if they work ok. 

When I got back, I did a quick little jog around the block.  The sidewalks are still fairly icy, so it wasn’t at any speed! 

Saturday morning CrossFit was good, I was a little worried that it would be squats again and my poor quads were going to get beat up on! So I was glad that it was shoulder beat up time! We did a 8 minute EMOM of 5 kips and 3-5 toes to shoulder. I’ve done a toes to bar once or twice, but can’t do it consistently, so working on the toes 2 shoulder is a better idea. 

After that we did an 18 minute workout that included bench press and sled pull (hand over hand). The bench press was starting at a heavy weight do 4 reps, the decrease the weight while increasing reps with the sled pull in between.  I did 4 reps @ 115, 6 reps @ 105, 8 reps at 95, 10 reps at 85, 12 reps @ 75, 14 reps @ 65. I  was supposed to do a set of 16 @ 55, but we ran out of time.  We were in partners and 3 groups had to use 2 sleds so there was some waiting around time. I somehow got ahead of my partner at the end and could have done a set of 16 @ 65, but decided to wait, he didn’t seem in any rush and was actually putting on a band-aid as time was expiring.  I was a little frustrated by that.  I alternated pulling a sled with a 45# plate and one with 70# on it.  The 45 felt pretty easy and the 70 was a good challenge.  

It was a good workout and I was glad to be doing some upper body stuff as my legs were feeling it! 

01262019 – CrossFit and Ski

The roads were a bit slick this morning and there was an accident in the tunnel on the way to and from CrossFit. Kids and I ended up being about 10 minutes late. They had me do 5 minutes on the Assault Bike as I had missed the warm-up. I missed a little bit of time in the Deadlift window, but that was ok. Deadlift to a technical Heavy 5 – so making sure that form stayed good through a heavy set of 5. We were supposed to do a light set first so I started with 95#, then 135#, then 185# then 205# ending at 215#. That felt pretty sold for a set of 5. Then we had to drop to 70% of the Heavy 5 for 2 x 10. That put me at 150 for two sets. It felt a lot lighter, but was a good weight for 20 reps. The MetCon was 3 RFT with a 7 minute cap of: 15 Front Squats (65#) 12 Burpees 65 was the Gold standard and was a good choice. I could have done 45 at 95# but not within the time cap. I finished in 6:33. I did the first round unbroken and then stopped at 8 for the last two rounds. We were cleaning the bar from the floor, so breaking them up wasn’t recommended. It was a tough workout and I hit half way through the time at about half way through the reps, so I tried to push myself to get it done under. The first round was in a little under 2 minutes. About an hour after finishing my workout, the family went to gymnastics so I took the opportunity to get a ski in. I grabbed some food and set out to do some skate skiing. It was about 8f with a light snow falling as I set out. I ended up doing the entire man-made loop and it was really busy out there. A fair number of teams training. It is supposed to snow tomorrow and then the temps are dropping into the negatives for highs for the week. So this might have been the best time of the weekend to ski. I was proud of myself for not falling even though I did some of the hills I always fall on! My form definitely still needs a lot of work, but sometimes things seem to click. I was able to kind of ski up some of the hills instead of just walking up them so that’s good! I completed 6.6K in 61 minutes. I noticed that my average heart rate for my MetCon was actually lower than my average for the skiing! Not a bunch, but that is an interesting observation.

01242019 – CrossFit

Today there was no school and I had a training in Edina so I was able to go to the 5:30am CrossFit class. Always good to be back and twice in one week! More of the regulars were there so it was fun to catch up with them.

We did some muscle up practice as our warmups. I did 4 rounds of 10 hollow body band pull downs, 3 jumping pops on the low bar, and 2 slow eccentric releases on the bar (slow lowers).

Thursdays are an easier day so we had a 2 part MetCon with no measure.

The first part was 3 rounds NOT for time of:

8 weighted stepups each leg (53# kettlebell at 24 inches)

8 single arm kettlebell deadlifts (70#)

8 KB bench press (25# dumbbells we ran out of the right weight kettlebells)

followed by 3 rounds NOT for time of

15 band pull aparts

Down and Back (backwards) Monster Walks w/hip circles

15 banded leg curls

The backwards monster walk felt pretty spicy, otherwise everything else felt pretty good. My legs actually felt less sore afterwards than before I started. My quads had been pretty sore all week (like hard to walk down stairs).

01212019 – CrossFit & Bouldering

I opted to get up for 5:30am class to make sure I actually went and didn’t drag the kids along! 

It was another dosey of a workout. We did 4 rounds of gymnastics as our warmup. First was ring pushups, then ring muscle up transitions, and then slow lowers in the rings. Jeff had lots of good corrections for me and loved my beard!

There was no weightlifting component but a long metcon with 25 minute time cap. The work was 

10 rounds for time of:

15 wallballs 20#

10 toes to shoulder

5 power cleans 75# 

I listed what I did which is a mixture of 3 different levels! I cant quite rep toes to bar yet. I tried 95# clean and that wasn’t going to happen! The Platinum was 135! About halfway in I thought no problem getting it done. About 3/4 of the way through I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. I did finish with 10 seconds to spare. 24:50! 

My quads are really sore!

Kids and I met some friends at the Bouldering gym to hang out and climb. I didn’t do a ton of climbing but got some routes in. It’s the most climbing I’ve done in quite a while! 

01192019 – CrossFit

I had hoped to run or ski before the 10am CrossFit class but that didn’t work for our schedule and it was cold out! I took the kids to their CrossFit class and joined the 10am group was we waited for 9am to finish up.

Our warm up was 5 rounds of 8 kipping knees to elbow and 3 per arm kettlebell windmills. I got some good correction on my windmill as I wasn’t doing a good hip hinge with it.

We then did a 5×3 Back Squat. It was supposed to be 75% which would have been 150 for me, but when I got to 135, that felt pretty challenging for the day. It was nice to workout with Dan a 5:30am buddy whose kids are also in the kid’s class. We did the squats together. Despite being lower weight than I should have been the 5×3 went well.

The MetCon wasn’t for time, but we did have a 10 minute time cap due to the end of class. It was another hard one!

5 rounds of

5 Strict Pullups

10 Renegade Rows (each arm) 20#

30 Heavy Russian Swings 53#

I had tried the 70# kettlebell because they were supposed to be as heavy as possible, but Coach Rica said my form was too bad at that weight so I dropped back down. I was glad too because the 53 was heavy enough at the end! I think I ended up with 4 rounds in the time cap. I did the first 5 pullups strict and mostly got over the bar, but then I added some bands because I wasn’t getting close enough anymore in subsequent rounds!

I had a good workout and so did the kids!