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06202018 – CrossFit

You know the MetCon is bad when there is no strength session on the board. 

We attempted to do some handstand kick ups as our warmup. I’ve still got a ways to go before I get mine. 

The MetCon was a chipper. I did the Silver level which was:

50 pushups (the last 15 were on a box)

50 knees to elbows (mine were more like kipping hanging knee raises)

50 calorie row

50 dumbbell box step overs (20in box and 25# dumbbell) 

1 length each arm dumbbell overhead lunges (25# dumbbell) 

The pushups were tough, I thought I could do 10 sets of 5, but that worked for a few rounds but then was doing 1 and 2 at a time. Everything else was just pushing through and keeping moving. 

It appears that a bunch of scores didn’t get recorded, including mine. I think it was 17 minutes or something. 

This was a hard workout that was modeled after a Regionals workouts just switching the assault bike for rowers. We only have one assault bike. Regionals had a 17 minute time cap.

I’ll update if my score gets posted. 

06182018 – CrossFit

Squats… slowing way down. Yes, slow tempo squats were up today.  Tempo squats mean lighter weights but slowing down the movement does get hard.  Today’s scheme was 5×2 at 55-65% with the tempo being 5 seconds down, 3 second hold, fast up, 5 seconds at the top, 5 seconds down, 3 second hold, fast up.   I went for 115# for today and that was a good amount. It feels weird to slow down and especially the 3 second hold seems like forever.  My body didn’t want to just sit there! It was extra challenging (maybe mostly mental) to force the last bit down to full depth.  To help keep the tempo, Jeff used a 60 beats per minute playlist on Spotify.  The music felt really slow compared to our usual!

We then did 3×10 Good Mornings.  I used a 45# bar for those. With the combination of the lighter bar and back to regular “CrossFit” music these felt really easy!

The MetCon was another running one!! This is an easy one to do anywhere as long as you have 400 meters mapped out.  The alley was flooded so we did the sidewalk again.  The temps were cooler but it was still fairly humid.  The workout was 400m run – 40 squats – 400m run – 40 lunges – 400m run.  I finished this in 8:47.  It was suprising how jello-y the legs felt after squatting and good morninging.  And then after the air squats and lunges.  Oh man.  It felt a lot like a Brick Workout in triathlon training.  I’ll probably re-test this throughout the summer.

06132018 – CrossFit

I was sore, stiff, and tired when I woke up this morning. I’ve not been sleeping well, plus jumping back into hard training has been a shock to my body. 

Mobility felt good! Doing Clusters in the warm up hurt a little, but definitely loosened me up a little. 

The strength work was a 10 minute EMOM of Clean and Jerks. 

Minutes 1-3 at 65%

4-6 75%

7-9 80% 

10 3 reps at 65%

It was one rep each minute except for the last one. They all felt solid. My 80% was 100#, the jerk part is my limiting part of the movement. 

The MetCon was a 7 minute AMRAP with 7 reps each of 2 movements. The idea was to be able to try and cycle through the work quickly so picking something that wasn’t too heavy/hard. The movements were Thrusters and Muscleups/pullups. I did the Silver level which was 55# thrusters and pullups.  I finished 4 rounds and 5 reps. I was able to do all of the pullups in sets of 2 or 3 and some of them felt great, like I was doing legit kips!

06112018 – CrossFit

Back squat day! It has been almost a full month since I’ve been able hit squat day and they have been getting heavy. Today was no different. 6 x 3 at 85%. 

But first we warmed up with 4 minutes of pullups. I started out doing strict pullups and then had to use a band for the last 2 minutes. I got maybe 12 done. 

Then squats… we warmed up and got 130 on the bar and that felt like a good challenge for the day. My 1RM is 200, so it was well below the 85% mark. But I got it done. 

The MetCon was an 8 minute AMRAP. It was one where you added 2 reps to each movement with each new round. The two movements were 

Renegade Row

Dumbell Front Rack Lunges

The Gold standard was using 25lb dumbbells. Platinum was 40lbs.

So the first round was 2 of each and that went by fast, then 4 of each, and then 6, etc. The first two rounds went really fast! I was able to complete 129 reps, which was getting up to 16 renegade rows and 1 lunge before the 8 minutes was over. I was satisfied with that! 

06052018 – CrossFit

Grace… such a nice word and a nice name. And a tough workout! That’s what we accomplished this morning. 

Grace is a benchmark workout that is pretty straight forward with only one movement. The Clean and Jerk. Thirty times! 

The CrossFit Rx is 135/95 and scaled is 75/55. 

I opted for 75. I broke it up into 6 sets of 5. The first set felt really light, the second was still relatively easy. After that it got harder. The last set was pretty hard, but not like 1 rep at a time hard. 

My time today was 4:05. The last time I did Grace was in September 2016 and at the same weight it took me 6:11. That’s over two minutes off my Grace time! DANG! 

Pretty awesome way to start the day!

Image from CrossFit Three Fold