12302019 – CrossFit

At my other sister’s and using their setup. I did the lifting portion from Solcana and took the MetCon from the main site. The gymnastic work was a EMOM of hollow and arch rocks followed by some handstand work.

Then I did 10×3 front squat at 60% which was 105#. I did them from the rack and they were just hard enough that the last set hurt a little bit, but not too much.

Then the MetCon… this was posted about a week ago and I thought it was something that would be a good body weight workout. It could also be a good one to test out later. It was 3 rounds of 50m lunges and then do the number of burpees that it took to complete the 50 meters. I stepped off about 25 meters on my sisters driveway and then lunged out and back so I could do the burpees inside. It was in the mid-40’s so it wasn’t too cold. I ended up doing about 120 of each through the 3 rounds. I wanted to quit during the burpees but kept going! It ended up taking 21:47 to do it all. The first set of lunges took about 90 seconds so you can see the burpees really slowed me down! I was quite glad to be finished with it!

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