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10102018 – CrossFit

After another long day, it was great to workout.  Mystery Weds didn’t disappoint again!

Warmup was another wall walk and 20 second hold.

The actual workout was a 20 minute AMRAP.

200 single unders

20 pullups

30 thrusters 45#

I completed 722 reps total which was about 3 rounds.

10092018 – CrossFit

I think I did too much today.  It was another hard day and I hit the bouldering gym to get some of my lifts in.  My deadlifts are going great.  I did the 5×2 at 86% and felt like there was some more there maybe.  The weight was 210.

Then I decided to do some Shoulder Press.  I haven’t done any this cycle and it is part of the competition. So I went back a few weeks to some of the lighter percentages.  I was supposed to do 3×10 at 60% and move up from there.  That didn’t happen.  I was able to do 3×5 at 60% which was 65.  I added weight to 75# and couldn’t get the bar off my shoulder without a dip and drive.  Oops.

Then, why not go ahead and do the COW for this week.  1000m row max effort.  I completed that in 3:41.  I did the first half in about 1:45 pace and then struggled to keep it under 1:55 for the second.

10052018 – CrossFit

I needed a nice workout to cap off the rough week.  There was a small group of us at the 3:30pm class. I like the time slot, it makes me leave work on time on a Friday and I get a workout in before most people are off for the weekend rush!

Friday is Snatch day right now and they aren’t easy! My shoes were still a little wet from Weds running in the rain! Our warmup included PVC Overhead Squats with a really slow (5 seconds) down and up movement, jumping extensions, and jump rope.

I kept thinking the Snatch was the same weight scheme as last week, but everything was actually 5% heavier!  So we did 3×3 at 65%, then 70%, then 75%, and finally back down to 65% with a 90 second window to do each set of 3.   I had 72, 77, and 82 on the bar. 82 felt pretty heavy and as I look back at it, I realized that those weights were of my 1 rep max from earlier in the year and not from the 1 rep for this cycle which was 85. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get consistently get down to the full squat depth, but I tried.  I also dropped the bar on one of the sets.

The MetCon was some more shoulder intense work.  It was a couplet of Wall Balls (14#) and some version of Toes 2 Bar. I did the first 3 rounds doing toes to lower bar. They weren’t good kipping ones though!  After that it was too much and I just did hanging knee raises. The rep scheme was 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  I finished in a time of 6:48.

When will the should work end???

10032018 – CrossFit

This workout ended up being a little more exciting than planned thanks to the weather!

We did a warmup that included jogging, planks, and jumping lunges! It was a mid-70’s afternoon with lots of clouds and humidity. It was Mystery Wednesday which for today meant a longish metcon!

The workout only involved 3 movements:

30 Pullups

800m Run

15 Power Cleans 95#

800m Run

15 Power Cleans

800m Run

30 Pullups

Yea, that’s a lot of running. I did the first set of pullups a lot faster than usual.  I did two sets of 5 which is the longest continual set ever!!! During the first run the clouds looked pretty ominous.  Then 3×5 of the power cleans and back out on the run.  About midway through the run it started sprinkling – no big deal.  15 more cleans and then back out. It was starting to rain more and as the run went the rain got harder and harder.  By the time I got back to the gym, I was soaked! I fortunately had a towel in my bag that I quickly grabbed and tried to dry off my hands (and shared around).  The last set of pullups took a lot longer.  I kept having to dry off my hands and the bar was getting wet too.  I switched spots on the rig a few times to help and there were some puddles under where the last several of us were working.  The last 10 or so pullups were pretty much one at a time!  But I got it done and finished in 23:52.  This would be a fun workout to retest at some point and without the rain!!

10012018 – CrossFit

Well, it wasn’t really CrossFit, but I got my Deadlift on.  I rode my bike in a misty rain to the Bouldering gym and did my 6×3 @ 78% Deadlifts.  78% for this round was 190.  That felt heavy, but doable for that many lifts.  I also did the 20 Sumo Deadlifts, we aren’t tracking the weights really, but we were supposed to do them heavier than last week.  So I just slipped the 25# plates off and pulled 140 which is 5 more than last week.

I decided not to do the MetCon since I was biking and had really just finished dinner about an hour before.  But I did do the COW.  We just started a Challenge of the Week as a gym and the first challenge is to see how long you can hang from the bar with only chalk.  I was able to hang for 45 seconds.  I wanted to let go at 30, but made myself hang on!

The bike ride was just about 2 miles each way and it felt nice to ride to work out!