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11102018 – Run

We got a little bit of snow the last couple of days and we’ve had highs below freezing so the Loppet Foundation is starting to make snow.  I’m excited for ski season and got out to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was about 10f with no wind.  As the man made snow area expands I won’t be able to run here any more so I enjoyed the scenery.  There is ice forming on some of the smaller ponds already too.  Some of the downhills were a little slippery and I slid down the hill by the staircase.

I did 3.3 miles in 33:24.

11092018 – CrossFit

After a busy day of work I was glad to leave on time and get to the 3:30pm class.  It was a small group (4 of us), but it was some good work to do.  It was a nice long warm-up to get the shoulders awake before doing some snatches.

We used a 2.5# plate to do a trio of shoulder rotations, then getting into the bottom of the squat and lifting the plate from parallel to the ground to straight up.  Then a SOTT press with PVC.

After a dynamic snatch warm-up we did an 8 minute EMOM with one Snatch per minute.  We stayed at the same weight for 2 minutes.  I started at 75# then 85#, then 90# and finished with 95#. The last couple were hard to do the full snatch, but I got it!

The MetCon wasn’t really a MetCon but 6 different accessory lifts.  3 rounds of the following:

12 Russian high pulls (35# kettlebell)

12 DB bench press (30#)

30 seconds of banded tricep extensions (about 15 each round)

And then 3 rounds of:

10 Bulgarian Split Squats per leg

10 weighted glute bridge (25# plate)

15 seconds of banded hamstring curls

It was weird to not be all hot and sweaty after being at Solcana.

11062018 – CrossFit

Yay for another 5:30am class time.  Not many people are thankful for morning meetings off-site but they help me get to the AM classes so I love ’em!! It was nice to actually do some deadlifting in class today instead of at the Bouldering gym.

We had a nice little warm-up prepping for both the Deadlift and the MetCon.  Getting some overhead work (farmers carry) and some Good Mornings.  Then we did some warm-ups with the barbell and hit our 5×2 at 88%.  This was pretty heavy. I had 235# on the bar for these.  I partnered with Mike who was doing about 100#’s more than me so we did a lot of plate swapping but it worked out well.  The first couple didn’t feel too bad, but by the end I was definitely feeling some fatigue and pulled the last one with too much of my back.

I was able to complete the Sumo Deadlift with 165# on the bar at 10 touch and go reps. I was obviously tired, but they went well.

The MetCon was a quick burner – 50 calorie row with 50 overhead lunges!! The Gold was 35# dumbbell.  I wasn’t sure how that would feel through 50 but I went for it.  I spent a little over 2 minutes on the rower before pounding out the lunges in sets of 10.  I alternated arms with each set. They were noticeably easier with my right arm (both in keeping it locked out, but also in the actual lunge).  I finished the workout in 6:08.

Then some foam rolling and chatting before showering and heading on to my breakfast meeting! A great way to start the day.

11042018 – Run

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go out or not this morning.  It was kind of rainy and cold (36 with a “wintry mix”).  I ended up getting out and had a nice mind clearing run.  The wintry mix was a light off and on rain that I didn’t really feel in the woods. I ran a perimeter route around Wirth and didn’t really see anything exciting. My legs felt some of the hills and my body didn’t want me to force it to work too hard on anything, so I just kept running along at a somewhat easy pace.

I ended up with 4.5 miles in 44:41.

11032018 – Mountain Bike

I had a hankering to get out on two wheels and with rain in the forecast I knew this would be the last chance for a bit to hit the trails.  I’m sure glad I did. I started with the Area 36 trails.  As I noted last week on my ride, I haven’t ridden much lately so I wasn’t planning to do anything crazy or super hard.  I felt like I was in a good groove and only needed to dismount once or twice which is an improvement!

After the Area 36 trails I headed to the Back 40.  As I tried to enter them I was stopped by this deer. She was in the middle of the trail trapped by me and the fence on two sides.  As I stood there waiting for her to move, the Buck came walking out further up the trail (can you spot them both?) It was a pretty cool break in the ride.  They both moved along and so did I.

Nothing else exciting happened in this section, I just kept cruising along enjoying the solitude of the morning ride and the brisk fall weather (upper 30’s). Everything is still pretty right now with all the colors on the ground and some still in the trees.  As the leaves have fallen we get some cool views now too. After finishing this loop I headed on South and did the skinny section north of 55. I struggled in my usual spots, but kept on going. I didn’t see another rider until I started climbing into the Glenwood section (between Glenwood and 55). I felt the climbs and tried to enjoy the flowy downhill.  I still struggle with relaxing into it and letting go.  I continued my southward journey and did the Bog trails.  There are some tough climbs and easy downhills in this one.  I did okay except the one major downhill.  I tried harder to relax into the rest of the flows and did pretty well.  I started home and back climbed up the Glenwood section.  I was able to manage the flow sections back out of here fine!  They aren’t as steep and fast.  About halfway into the skinny section I ran into the turkeys (see main image).  They didn’t want to move so I had to help them a little bit. I almost made it through the uphill + turn rock garden here! And then I just hit the paved trails all the way home.

It was 10.45 miles in 1:26.  Not too shabby. But wait…

I had 26 achievements and 10 of them were segment PR’s.  Pretty sweet for a no-frills ride!! Can’t wait to get out there again.