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01182020 – Snowshoe

We got 5ish inches of snow overnight. We were expecting more so that’s a little disappointing. Knowing the snow wouldn’t quite be ready for skiing or fat tire biking. I decided to be helpful and snowshoe on the bike trails.

It was a lot slower than running or biking! I was the first one on the Conundrum trail. Someone had run parts of 45 North and maybe someone had skied part of it too. I didn’t see any one out there the whole time though. Except for the PistonBully grooming the ski trails.

I did some extra exploring too and got up to just over a 5k. I found a cool area between the road and train tracks that I’ll try to remember to check out in the warmer weather!

01152020 – Swim

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the pool. My shoulders already felt a little sore from yesterday so I didnt want anything super intense but needed to get in the water. I ended up doing a 100m warmup and then 50m with paddles, 50m free, 50m with kick board and then 200m. I worked up in 100m increments to 400m.

I’ve never used paddles before so that was interesting. I will need to do some research on using them to make sure I do it right. The 50m right after felt super smooth!

I ended up with 1300m total over the workout, plus the 200m with the kick board that my watch never picks up.

01092020 – Ski

After picking up my race packets at Pioneer Midwest and getting some wax and advice from their friendly staff I went for a short ski. I hadn’t skied before Christmas so I wanted to get something in before Saturday’s race. It was right around freezing and sunny at least for the start.

The trails were crowded with quite a few teams as the natural snow isnt super good for skiing now. I did the current loop which is around 4.5k. After the loop I did the short meadow loop that is open. I ended up with just over 5k. It felt good.

01082020 – CrossFit

It felt good to be back at the gym. It has been several weeks since I was able to go due to illnesses in the family. It was great to be back! I was named Athlete of the Month and several people congratulated me on that honor. The class was pretty full too.

We did a snatch warm up. And then got into a 10 minute EMOM with two snatches each minute working up to a challenging weight. I started with a 65lb Snatch and then went up to 70. I did it for a second round and then 75 for two rounds. Then up to 80. I failed at both attempts so I went back down to 75 and finished out the time with that. I think I failed at 2 other lifts in the remaining time. I asked Coach Jeff to watch me and he gave me some pointers which helped.

After the Snatches we had a shortish MetCon. 4 rounds for time of 15 swings and 15 burpees. I did the 35lb kettlebell and finished in just over 8 minutes. It was fairly consistent at 2 minutes per round. The burpees were definitely slow going!

It felt great to be back at the gym.

01052020 – Bike & Ski

I rode for about 55 minutes and 13 miles on the bike trainer in the morning. I’m catching up on a bunch to TED talks that were highlighted a few years ago for me. TED will send you random videos to watch so I’m trying to expand my horizons by watching them!

In the afternoon was the first ski lessons for the year. It was a sunny day and not too cold. We did about 1.5 miles of classic skiing.