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09232018 – Run 

My first run since the marathon and overall it felt pretty good. I felt the soreness from Jackie and the stiffness from helping build a playground and carrying a bunch of stuff yesterday! 

The oldest had a birthday party in the ‘burbs so I dropped her off and ran at Elm Creek Regional Park. I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually ran there and ended up running on a mixture of paved trail, horse trail, abandoned gravel roads, and some wide hiking trails. It is a pretty area, but I ended up going longer than I had anticipated. I had some trouble figuring out a nice loop. Out on the trails they had the winter maps posted which I don’t think showed all the trails. 

It was all good though. I had planned on around 3, but got in around 5. It was in the mid-70’s and sunny. It felt weird to run midday. Especially after doing some yard work and stuff in the morning. 

After the run I had a PB&B shake from LifeCafe as the party was at a Lifetime Fitness. 

Total run was 5 miles in 46 minutes. 

09182018 – CrossFit

Tonight the gym wasn’t going to happen again unless I went to the Bouldering Project again. On tap today was Snatch testing. After warming up and watching the video again I started out. I got to 95 pounds and realized that all of them ended up being power snatches. I logged my lifts under that. I assume that for the challenge it won’t matter which way we did them. 

I did some more drilling with the PVC and started back at 65 pounds and made sure to go all the way down. It doesn’t seem as natural and I only got 85 pounds at full depth. 

I’ll check with the coaches to see which way it should be. Depending my Total will be 425 or 435. A good starting point. 

Afterwards I did 500m on the rower. 

09172018 – CrossFit

I’m not sure if I mentioned that my new work schedule will make it almost impossible to do my 5:30 am routine any more. I’m bummed about that but have been optimistic about going to Solcana in the afternoon/evening for a class. I took last week off to recover from the marathon, so this was my first week trying to get back at it. It also happens to be the first week of the Fall Challenge, so it’s also pre-testing the lifts and workout in the challenge. (The Fall Challenge link includes a pic of me on the rower!)

The challenge is two parts. The lift is what is being called the Solcana Total and includes the Deadlift, Shoulder Press, and Snatch. And the workout is Jackie. Jackie is 1000m row, 50 thrusters at 45#, and 30 pullups for time. Yea…

I originally had signed up for the 4:30pm class and thought I could just be a little late for my 5:30 engagement, but then realizing that swapping the kids would make everything too stressful I decided to go to the bouldering gym after my engagement and do the lifts there. 

Definitely not as fun and I know I still really benefit from coaching cues, but I’m still happy and impressed with my lifts. The plan was 1RM for both Deadlift and Shoulder Press. I warmed up and watched the CrossFit YouTube videos for each lift to remind myself of proper form and technique. 

For the Deadlift I was able to build up to 245 pounds which is just 20 under my all time 1RM so that great. 

The Shoulder Press I struggle with the initial lift getting off my shoulder and often try to sneak a dip and drive into it. I was successfully able to get 95 pounds up and failed 2xs at 100. 95 is just 10 under my all time 1RM so that’s great too. 

After the 2 lifts I did an easy 5 minutes on the spin bike just to loosen things up a minute. 

08302018 – Run

Another early dark morning… my body and I are still adjusting to the early work schedule.  It isn’t the early work schedule, but also the kids getting on the bus so early that makes my morning start out so early. Being pretty much ready to go by 6:10 every morning.

Today was another workout with 3 distances.  I think I did a better job this time of tracking the distances accurately.  Only once did I forget to hit the button the right number of times.  The workout was 4×200, 3×400, 2×1000.

The 1,000m seems so much longer than the other too. Especially when I’m having to track it so weirdly.

200 – :56

.2 miles – 1:45 (oops)

200 – :57

200 – :55

400 – 1:43

400 – 2:03

400 – 2:29

1,000 – 5:30

1,000 – 6:21

I’m not sure if those 1,000’s are accurate or not.

5.46 miles in 57:33