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12072019 – Ski

We met some friends for the MN Nordic Opener at Elm Creek. It’s a fun free event for all ages and is a fun way to kick off ski season. I brought my classic skis and was regretting it until the very end when we tried some icy walked over mess of natural ski trail. We ended up with about 7k total on three different rounds of skiing.

12062019 – CrossFit & Ski

This was the first morning Hannah has been back since her baby was born so that was exciting. We did some hurdle drills for agility as a warmup.

Then we moved into Deadlifts. It was 3 rounds of 5 then a set of 3 before going for a heavy 2. I got to 265. It felt super heavy.

Then we did an unscored series of rowing sprints. We did 20 second sprint and got approximately 40 seconds of rest. We were hopping on and off so we weren’t reseting the counters. I tried to keep the pace close in the 1800 calorie per hour range.

After work we went for a ski. My watch didn’t like how slow we were going so it didn’t get good data. Easily 2k on a mixture of snow. Mostly icy natural snow with some tracks.

02102019 – Run and Ski

To round out the trifecta of the winter tri, I did a run this morning before the snow hit! I grabbed my Yaktrax and headed out. This was my first outdoor run of winter and I almost headed into the park to try the non-ski trails but instead headed North on the streets and cut over after awhile to the Wirth Paved Trails. It was quite the mix of clear sidewalks, icy sidewalks, and completely untouched sidewalks. When I crossed Golden Valley Road I headed onto the trails and it was slow going as the snow hadn’t been packed down on them very much yet. It was a nice 4 miler in 41 minutes. The mile on the paved trail was 9:27 and the mile slugging through the unpacked snow was 11:05! After snowing all day and getting another 3-5 inches of snow, the ski trails weren’t in ideal shape. I ended up playing ski games with the kids during lessons and we got about 2k of skiing. I wore the classic skis as I figured they would be easier to use on the fresh powder.

02072019 – Ski

We went for a post work ski with lots of fresh powder! I knew the groomed trails would be rough as it had been snowing all day so we just took the roads from our house for a little bit and then hit some of the natural snow trails. It was fun to ski down the road and do some exploring! We ended up with about 3k total. It was pretty windy. The groomed trails weren’t horrible considering, but they weren’t tracked yet and had snow drifts. 

01142019 – Ski

We met some friends at the Trailhead for dinner, games, and skiing. It was a fun night and fun to see how many people are out enjoying the trails on a week night. There were also a few high school groups which overall were pretty nice. We didn’t have any issues with them in the building or on the trails.

We had 6 kids of varying ski ability and 4 adults. We skiied up to the meadow and skiied around there a few times before coming back into Lower Stadium and playing around a bit. A few adventurous ones did a little more hills before calling it a night. The weather was great for this type of gathering too – not too cold! Hopefully we’ll do it again.

I did about 3.3K of skiing for the evening.