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01012020 – CrossFit

After some discussion we decided to do CrossFit workout Lynne. It is an interesting choice but will be a good one to retest throughout the year. It is a bench and pullup workout. In the cold barn we setup and started warming up. Lynne is supposed to be bodyweight bench. We agreed that none of us could do that and settled on 95# being a good weight to start with.

Lynne is 5 rounds of max effort benchpress and pullups. It is written with no time caps or other real details. We setup the rounds and progression and hit it. We did time it to get a sense of how long it would take. We were fairly generous with rest too. I started on the bench and then did pullups and then rest.

Round 1 was 15 bench 6 pullups

Round 2 was 15 bench 6 pullups

Round 3 was 12 bench and 6 pullups

Round 4 was 13 bench and 7 pullups

Round 5 was 14 bench and 7 pullups.

Round 5 was to complete failure. The rest were until I felt like I couldn’t do any more. Cory and Meg went to failure on an earlier round and kept going.

It was a good shoulder workout that was felt pretty quickly. I think we took quite a bit of rest and I was feeling muscle fatigue.

My total reps were 101. With 69 bench and 32 pullups in 24 minutes.

The whole time we were working Caleb came up with his own little circuit of assault bike, box jumps, and situps! I’m not sure he ever used the kettlebell.