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01092020 – Ski

After picking up my race packets at Pioneer Midwest and getting some wax and advice from their friendly staff I went for a short ski. I hadn’t skied before Christmas so I wanted to get something in before Saturday’s race. It was right around freezing and sunny at least for the start.

The trails were crowded with quite a few teams as the natural snow isnt super good for skiing now. I did the current loop which is around 4.5k. After the loop I did the short meadow loop that is open. I ended up with just over 5k. It felt good.

01052020 – Bike & Ski

I rode for about 55 minutes and 13 miles on the bike trainer in the morning. I’m catching up on a bunch to TED talks that were highlighted a few years ago for me. TED will send you random videos to watch so I’m trying to expand my horizons by watching them!

In the afternoon was the first ski lessons for the year. It was a sunny day and not too cold. We did about 1.5 miles of classic skiing.

12202019 – Ski

A post work sunny ski. It was great to get out. My first workout since Sunday due to family with influenza. I did the natural loop first since I knew I’d be ending in the dark. A bunch of high schoolers were out and they were wearing costumes! I then did 2 loops of the made snow on their 3k loop now. It’s still a pretty hilly loop, but it’s got some nice downhill sections!

Just over 10k of skiing!

The trailhead:

12072019 – Ski

We met some friends for the MN Nordic Opener at Elm Creek. It’s a fun free event for all ages and is a fun way to kick off ski season. I brought my classic skis and was regretting it until the very end when we tried some icy walked over mess of natural ski trail. We ended up with about 7k total on three different rounds of skiing.

12062019 – CrossFit & Ski

This was the first morning Hannah has been back since her baby was born so that was exciting. We did some hurdle drills for agility as a warmup.

Then we moved into Deadlifts. It was 3 rounds of 5 then a set of 3 before going for a heavy 2. I got to 265. It felt super heavy.

Then we did an unscored series of rowing sprints. We did 20 second sprint and got approximately 40 seconds of rest. We were hopping on and off so we weren’t reseting the counters. I tried to keep the pace close in the 1800 calorie per hour range.

After work we went for a ski. My watch didn’t like how slow we were going so it didn’t get good data. Easily 2k on a mixture of snow. Mostly icy natural snow with some tracks.