12062019 – CrossFit & Ski

This was the first morning Hannah has been back since her baby was born so that was exciting. We did some hurdle drills for agility as a warmup.

Then we moved into Deadlifts. It was 3 rounds of 5 then a set of 3 before going for a heavy 2. I got to 265. It felt super heavy.

Then we did an unscored series of rowing sprints. We did 20 second sprint and got approximately 40 seconds of rest. We were hopping on and off so we weren’t reseting the counters. I tried to keep the pace close in the 1800 calorie per hour range.

After work we went for a ski. My watch didn’t like how slow we were going so it didn’t get good data. Easily 2k on a mixture of snow. Mostly icy natural snow with some tracks.

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