02102019 – Run and Ski

To round out the trifecta of the winter tri, I did a run this morning before the snow hit! I grabbed my Yaktrax and headed out. This was my first outdoor run of winter and I almost headed into the park to try the non-ski trails but instead headed North on the streets and cut over after awhile to the Wirth Paved Trails. It was quite the mix of clear sidewalks, icy sidewalks, and completely untouched sidewalks. When I crossed Golden Valley Road I headed onto the trails and it was slow going as the snow hadn’t been packed down on them very much yet. It was a nice 4 miler in 41 minutes. The mile on the paved trail was 9:27 and the mile slugging through the unpacked snow was 11:05! After snowing all day and getting another 3-5 inches of snow, the ski trails weren’t in ideal shape. I ended up playing ski games with the kids during lessons and we got about 2k of skiing. I wore the classic skis as I figured they would be easier to use on the fresh powder.

02092019 – Bike and CrossFit

A little before and after shots! It was -8 when I left the house, so I tried using the silk balaclava, but even the thin silk was too much to breathe through.  Plus it is hard to spit and blow snot rockets while wearing one! My sister said that I took it off just for the beard pic! 

The Back 40 was well groomed and packed down.  A snowshoer had been quite meticulous about stepping side by side and creating a wide trail to ride on.  It felt good, it is definitely not easy going as my 4 mph reflects, but I think that will improve over time too.  I just got a sweet deal at the Angry Catfish on some studded tires, but I haven’t put them on yet.  

About 3/4 of the way through the loop, my toes started getting really cold and eventually went numb! I’ve been wearing my nice Gortex La Sportiva’s but they don’t really have any insulation so they only can do so much. A nice pair of riding boots is pricey, so I might try my regular snow boots next time to see if they work ok. 

When I got back, I did a quick little jog around the block.  The sidewalks are still fairly icy, so it wasn’t at any speed! 

Saturday morning CrossFit was good, I was a little worried that it would be squats again and my poor quads were going to get beat up on! So I was glad that it was shoulder beat up time! We did a 8 minute EMOM of 5 kips and 3-5 toes to shoulder. I’ve done a toes to bar once or twice, but can’t do it consistently, so working on the toes 2 shoulder is a better idea. 

After that we did an 18 minute workout that included bench press and sled pull (hand over hand). The bench press was starting at a heavy weight do 4 reps, the decrease the weight while increasing reps with the sled pull in between.  I did 4 reps @ 115, 6 reps @ 105, 8 reps at 95, 10 reps at 85, 12 reps @ 75, 14 reps @ 65. I  was supposed to do a set of 16 @ 55, but we ran out of time.  We were in partners and 3 groups had to use 2 sleds so there was some waiting around time. I somehow got ahead of my partner at the end and could have done a set of 16 @ 65, but decided to wait, he didn’t seem in any rush and was actually putting on a band-aid as time was expiring.  I was a little frustrated by that.  I alternated pulling a sled with a 45# plate and one with 70# on it.  The 45 felt pretty easy and the 70 was a good challenge.  

It was a good workout and I was glad to be doing some upper body stuff as my legs were feeling it! 

02082019 – Ski

The afternoon sun was deceiving.  It felt warm when I started skiing, but the wind picked up especially across the lake. And once the sun started slipping away.. Brrr.  It was down to -2 when I got home. I was excited to do some skate skiing on the natural snow and to get some longer sections of flat area to ski! The trail wasn’t quite in ideal shape with all of the fresh snow. It had been groomed, but it had a lot of soft spots and even some drifts on it across the 5 miles that I did.  I got pretty exhausted as I was coming back across the lake.   The Washburn Nordic team was out there and that gave me some energy for awhile.  My phone died from being so cold, I had it in my outer jacket, but it warmed up enough that I could snag the frozen beard pics when I finished!  It was a tough ski, but it felt good to get my longest ski done.  It was about 8,5k in just over 80 minutes.

02072019 – Ski

We went for a post work ski with lots of fresh powder! I knew the groomed trails would be rough as it had been snowing all day so we just took the roads from our house for a little bit and then hit some of the natural snow trails. It was fun to ski down the road and do some exploring! We ended up with about 3k total. It was pretty windy. The groomed trails weren’t horrible considering, but they weren’t tracked yet and had snow drifts. 

01312019 – Bouldering

Kids and I went with some friends to the climbing gym on the 4th snow day in a row and the 8th day since kids were in school! I got a few routes in and then we went to the gym part for a bit to distract the kids. Not really any workout but did some slam balls and pullups. We had a fun few hours!