10112019 – CrossFit

Today was the beginning of the 2020 CrossFit Open. Yes, this is 2 opens in one year and yes it is still 2019 but this is the 2020 Open. They changed things up and the Open is now in the fall for qualification into the 2020 Games.

Anyways, 20.1 is no joke!

10 Rounds For Time of:

8 Ground to Overhead

10 Bar Facing Burpees; with a 15 minute time cap.

I did the CrossFit Scaled version which was Solcana’s Gold version. It was 65# on the bar and I stepped over instead of jumping over the barbell. After warming up I judged for Nate before doing mine. His recommendation was to go for several rounds of unbroken snatches, break a few sets up into 2 sets of 4, and then go back to full sets if possible at the end to push through.

I was able to do that, the step overs were great as the burpees really accumulated the fatigue for me. Last night after climbing I felt some soreness in my hip flexor, so I was a little nervous about this workout. It felt a lot better this morning, but not ideal for this workout! I just finished 7 rounds getting the last burpee in as time was called. 65# was a good weight for the snatches. I felt like I could have gone for a little while longer on the snatches, but I was definitely slowing down!

How was your 20.1?

10102019 – Bouldering

After work I went climbing while the kids were at after-school! I had about an hour and worked up a little sweat! I did a range of circuits including a few green ones. They also have a few circuits up from BoulderFest North. I did 2 of them. Those circuits are tricky because they can be off color, so a beginner color was actually super hard! I got a couple of circuits that I had struggled with earlier in the week. It was a nice way to end the work day.

10092019 – Bike

Bike commute day!! The last few weeks I’ve gone places after riding so it was kind of nice to just get to ride home. Though it felt like I had headwind the whole way home and I felt tired. It was a nice temp though, I think 72 and partly cloudy.

10082019 – Bouldering and CrossFit

Not exactly how I planned my morning. Showed up at CrossFit and the coach didn’t show up. We stood around and talked and waited for a little while before deciding to call it a morning. We got an email apologizing later. First time in my 6 years that this has happened and is totally understandable.

I almost went home and then remembered that I could just go to the Bouldering Project. I had planned on going after work, but since I had an offsite meeting I had plenty of time to go ahead and go in the morning.

I did mostly what was written for the day’s workout. I did 500m warmup on the rower and then 3 pullups each minute for 6 minutes.

I then did a snatch warmup. And jumped into a snatch sequence. I forgot the time box and did get all of them into squat vs power Snatch. I did 5×45, 4×65, 3×85 (missing and retrying the 3rd one), 2×95 again missing the 2nd and getting it. I loaded to 100 and wasn’t able to get under it. I tried once more and stopped.

I did 3×3 pistols with each leg for the fun of it.

Then I did a bunch of climbing routes. I tried a couple green ones and did a bunch of red and yellow. It was fun. Some of the routes were tricky. Watching others who are so fluid and smooth as they moved on the wall.

Who is ready for the Open?

10062019 – Bike

Kids and I did an Orienteering “race” at the Severs Fall Festival in the morning. It was fun to make it through the corn maze, hay bale maze, and grounds via 20 some controls. The corn maze was a little tricky. We had a lot of fun doing it. They did a good job putting the controls in fun places and we ended the event going down a short zipline!

After the race we got to stay and enjoy the festival before it was open to the general public which was quite nice!

In the afternoon I went on a leisurely bike ride with the wife and we rode to Cedar Lake and back so about 6 miles. The fall colors are great!