02202018 – CrossFit

I was pretty sore getting into this workout. I did a quick shovel before heading in.

For strength today was a 5×5 Push Press at a challenging weight in 12 minutes. I always struggle with Push Press because I like to rebend, but I did okay this time and did my 5×5 at 85 pounds.

Today’s MetCon was a bit of a doozy. It was two movements with a descending rep scheme. The movements were double unders and full snatches. I can occasionally put together some dubs, but not consistently. So I went for single unders on the jump rope. The snatches were to increase 10 pounds each round as the reps decreased by 2.

So I did

200 single unders

10 snatches at 45#

150 singles

8 snatches at 55#

100 singles

6 snatches at 65#

50 singles

4 snatches at 75#

in 10:49. This was in the super scaled category. That was a little disappointing after going Rx yesterday, but still shows that I have a ways to go.

02192018 – CrossFit

First time back in over a week due to an overnight field trip and schedule conflicts last week.

We did a 3 position clean workout for strength today. Starting in a high hang, then hang, into a full clean. The goal was to get your heaviest weight for the whole complex in 6 attempts in 12 minutes. I was able to get up to 120lbs.

The MetCon was 4 rounds for time of

10 calorie row

15 thrusters 45#

1 length sled push with 25#

I was able to complete this workout Rx (as written) in 11:25.

It felt good to do an Rx workout.

02182018 – Skiing

After the kid’s ski lessons I went for a short ski on the Twin Lakes loop and then up to the top and finally conquered the big descent into the chalet. I fell several times on the Twin Lakes loop, including once about halfway up a hill! I still had the downhill speed and couldn’t turn! Falling up was better than falling off the snow pack!

The big hill wasn’t too bad except for the two small turns at the top! I ended up getting 2.4 miles in about 30 minutes. Even the man made snow was a little rough in places due to the several days of warm temps. It was about 40f! I was a little overdressed for skiing, but was well dressed to be at ski lessons!

02172018 – Skiing

We’ve had several warm days which I’m sure have ruined most of the natural snow trails. I took the meadow trail to get to the start/finish area and it was ok. I wouldn’t have wanted to ski much further on it. The man made loops were still great and I think I actually did almost all of them today. I still have conquered the huge hill by the chalet. I did 4.2 miles in just under an hour. The temp was mid-20s with some light snow coming down. It was a great morning to ski!

When I got home I did another quick 21-15-9 workout.

Bench Press

Slam Ball 15#


I finished in 5:36. I’m not sure how much my bar actually weighs, maybe only 10 pounds and I just did the empty bar, so not super impressive but it’s what I got! Anyone want to gift me a bar!

02102018 – Skiing

Longest ski yet on a cold morning at sunrise! It was about 2 above when I walked down to start my ski. We had gotten a few inches spread out in the past week so I decided to check out the Skyline Trail again and the classic tracks were in much better shape. I then ventured back into the South Wirth trails and hit up a new to me section on the West side of the lake. That’s the only place I fell today as I couldn’t make the turn! It was fun to catch the sunrise as I twisted and turned on the trail!

Total distance was 6.6 miles in 1:30:58.

When I got home I did


Kettlebell deadlift 53#

Hanging Knee Raises

02072018 – Endurance

After a rough day at work it was nice to be able to make it back to a PM Endurance class tonight. It sure was a doozy!

After a warm-up we had a 30 minute partner MetCon.

Partner 1 started on the rower and rowed for 200m while Partner 2 did an AMRAP of 1 Jerbear complex, 20 ball slams and 20 Russian Swings. Then we switched places. After Partner 2 completed the row, Partner 1 got back on and rowed 300m. This continued increasing 100m each time until 30 minutes was up.

I started on the rower and finished on the rower in the middle of the 800m row. The swings with a 53# kettlebell hurt after awhile. I never made it past the 2nd Jerbear complex.

Never heard of the Jerbear complex? It’s named after one of our coaches and is:

2 pushups

2 V-ups

Half burpee (or everything but the jump)

Lunge R

Lunge L

2 jump squats

Like I said, good times!

02062018 – CrossFit

3×6 back squat at 135

12 min AMRAP

12 dumbbell burpees 25#

12 one arm push press

12 weighted step ups 20″ box

I completed 3 rounds and 5 reps.

I was pretty sore from skiing and biking over the weekend. It was also hard to just hold the dumbbells for that long!