08012019 – Run & Swim

I had hoped to go to the gym this morning, but wasn’t able to confirm that it would work until late last night and then the class was already full. I did wake up to check to see if it was full or not and I was still waitlisted. Then I laid in bed… and almost didn’t get up. But eventually I did with time to go for a run still. Nothing special, just the Wirth perimeter route that I do. It felt like it had been awhile since I was on the those trails. So it was nice to be “back home”. I didn’t see any wildlife and not really that many people either. It was relatively cool, but you could feel the humidity climbing. We’d had several cool days to spoil us too!

4.51 miles in 47:54.

When I got home I did some deadlifting. One set of 10 at 65#’s and then 2 sets of 10 at 135#. The first set of the heavier weights felt heavy, but the second set felt okay.

Then later in the afternoon we went to Webber pool. I was able to get some lap swimming in. Shortly after we arrived the lifeguards rescued someone and I guess at Webber they clear the pool for a few minutes when that happens. Well evidently, this person also vomited so the pool was closed for an hour which was unfortunate. The person was okay and even last year vomit in the pool would have closed it for the day.

So once the pool reopened there was about 15 minutes before the safety break started. Because they were using the smaller upper pool they were still going to have the break. I did 100 yards with bilateral breathing, 50 yards, and then I got into a rhythm of breathing every stroke and managed 550 yards in one go before the whistles blew for the safety break. I’m glad I was able to get into a longer swim without any problems, frustrated that I’m still struggling with breathing on the right side and alternating. Breathing every other stroke isn’t super fast! But I’ll take it.

07312019 – CrossFit

I made it to a 6:30am class and it was a doozy. It had a longer MetCon after some gymnastics work.

The gymnastics was strict toes to bars, strict toes to shoulders, or V-ups. I tried a strict toes to shoulders and decided I should to the V-ups. We had to accumulate 20 with no more than 4-5 at a time. So I ended up doing 4 sets of 5. The V-ups were a good choice.

The MetCon was 3 – 5 minute AMRAPs with 5 minutes in between each set. Each one had 100 single-unders (thankful for no single vs double penalty here) as a buy in before getting to the work. I did the Silver version which did 20 inch step-ups. I could have still done box jumps, but I opted to do it as written for my scaling. So after the jump rope it was a couplet of squat cleans and setp-ups. During each set of work the cleans went up in weight but down in reps and the step-ups didn’t change. So it looked like:

9 reps at 45#

7 reps at 65#

5 reps at 95#

In the first set I got 3 rounds and 2 reps.

Round 2 I got 3 rounds and 4 reps (Coach Jeff said I had time for one more rep that I didn’t take).

Round 3 I got 2 rounds and 6 reps (Coach Jeff somehow messed up on announcing the time, which isn’t really an excuse for doing so much less reps. Really I think the weight was getting to me. The time left shouldn’t have mattered if I was going at a hard intensity.)

The score was total number of reps, so I had 142 reps (56+52+34).

Then some stretching and bam, that was the day!

07302019 – Bike

Today was the last day of the kids taking summer programming where I could do whatever I wanted. So of course, I went for a long bike ride. I was hoping the school they were at this week would get me close enough to try for a ride to Stillwater, but it wasn’t even really close and required way to much city riding. Instead I went for a route that I had done part of before. I rode North on the East side of the river crossing at 694 and then following the Mississippi River Trail to the Coon Rapids Dam. Part of it were industrial, some scenic suburbs, and some was just normal. The Coon Rapids Dam parking lot on the West side is getting redone so I had to be careful not to get lost for a second!

Then onto the Rush Creek trail heading West. This is an interesting trail because it goes through several different types of ecosystem. It had prairies, hardwood forest, and pine forests along its somewhat winding route. Paved and well-marked this is a nice flat ride. I think the only hill was crossing over US 169 – which is where I turned around. So close to Elm Creek but yet so far! I had to back track a little bit (I had planned for that) to the Douglas Road trail.

This paved trail ran parallel to Douglas Road and was a nice alternative to street riding, but in many ways was just a glorified sidewalk. No real signage at all. I couldn’t remember for sure which street I needed to turn right on, so I stopped at 85th Street to look at my phone and that was the road I needed. This was the only section of road riding on this part (the only other section was in Northeast and could probably been avoided by crossing the river). From 85th Street I turned onto Xerxes which was a paved trail that turned into a bike lane. Xerxes crosses the Shingle Creek Parkway which I took and headed East following the signs around Palmer Lake. You could tell that the water had recently been over some parts of the trail and there was a huge section of outfield at the ballparks that probably hadn’t been mowed all summer due to standing water. I’ve ridden here before and had to go through standing water. I was glad that wasn’t the case today. The Palmer Lake loop is a nice little loop, but Shingle Creek Parkway turns off of it and heads more south.

Shortly after leaving Palmer Lake, I did have to ride through some flooded trails. It was about the same depth and width as the Luce Line flooding is. My feet got wet! I was able to go around another section of flooding that was under a bridge (didn’t seem like a good risk). After that it was through Brooklyn Center and into Minneapolis. I crossed the tracks and took Webber Parkway into North Mississippi Regional Park and came back out on Washington Ave or 2nd Ave which I guess is more street riding, but it has bike lanes. These bike lanes are nice, but the area is still very industrial with lots of semis and such.

I caught back up with the river road trails and got to Plymouth Ave and still had time so I kept riding and ended up crossing at the Stone Arch bridge. Rode through a little bit of construction and ended up getting to the school with a couple of minutes to spare!

Total riding was 36.81 miles in 2:42.

I got a bunch of segment PR’s but I don’t really ride that way much so I’m not sure that they mean a whole lot! It was a great day to ride and a fun route.

07292019 – Yoga & Run & Bouldering

The kids are at a different school for programming this week and it is really close to the bouldering gym so I decided to go there and climb a little before running.  When I got there a yoga class was getting ready to start so I decided to go ahead and join it.  It was a Vinyasa I class, this is their description of the class:

Vinyasa is the staple of the Minneapolis Bouldering Project yoga program. This movement based practice emphasizes intentional breathing, mindful transitions, postural alignment, and self-acceptance. Each class features a gentle integration, gradual warm-up, sequenced flows, and sun salutations. Practitioners can expect optional, judgement-free opportunities to explore arm-balances and inversions. The difficulty of the class increases with the level of Vinyasa (I, II or III), but each class features modifications and safe-space to make your practice exactly what YOU need it to be. A tranquil cool-down and closing savasana help integrate your yoga practice into life off the mat.

Its been awhile since I’ve done any real yoga or mobility and I’ve been stiff and sore, so this seemed like a good idea.  It was, I felt good afterwards, but it wasn’t an easy hour! I was sweating like crazy and had a few poses that I couldn’t get into or hold.  I should definitely do more yoga!  Or I guess at least do the mobility parts of the programmed workouts.

Afterwards I did a few climbing routes, I think 5 total.  Almost all of them were red which is one step up from yellow or the easiest.

Then I went for a run on the River.  This part of the river is very different from where I had been running earlier this summer.  I went North from Plymouth on the River and decided to cross on Broadway, I could maybe have gone to the Lowry bridge, but that isn’t quite as nice.  I crossed Broadway and was surprised that there wasn’t access to the new bike trail from Broadway. When I looked later, it was just a little bit North of Broadway.  I turned on the next street and headed South turned right and wound around until I got to the trail.  Then I followed the trail and then ran to the river’s edge and followed that and actually ran under the bridge. I hugged the river until I got to Nicollet Island then ran around Nicollet Island’s Southern end before getting onto the river trail on St. Anthony Main.  I crossed the Stone Arch Bridge and then followed the trail through the edge of downtown along the Mississippi River. I hit a little bit of dirt trails after the playground and finished up by going under Plymouth Ave.

The total was 4.82 miles in 42:50.

07282019 – Bike

I relaxed in the morning, the hope had been to attend a bike demo event in the evening, but it became obvious that the weather wasn’t going to hold for that to occur. I went out shortly after breakfast and hit some dirt while it was still dry. It started sprinkling, but stopped pretty quickly. I started with Area 36 trails and realized pretty quickly that my tired pressure was too low so I took the exit and pumped them up at the Trailhead. Then I started over on the Area 36 trails and they felt much better! Then I headed to the Back 40 section. The Luce Line is stilled flooded and is better but still pretty high so my feet got wet. By the time that I finished that loop it was raining slightly. In the woods it was still pretty dry so I did the skinny loop that ends at 55. When I got there the ground was pretty wet, so I finished the loop and rode to the Conundrum trails. The dirt in the woods was still mostly dry, but by the end there were puddles in any area with tree cover so I ended the ride. I enjoyed the cool rain as I got home and washed the bike off.

8.96 miles in 1:17 and 3 segment PR’s.