06202018 – CrossFit

You know the MetCon is bad when there is no strength session on the board. 

We attempted to do some handstand kick ups as our warmup. I’ve still got a ways to go before I get mine. 

The MetCon was a chipper. I did the Silver level which was:

50 pushups (the last 15 were on a box)

50 knees to elbows (mine were more like kipping hanging knee raises)

50 calorie row

50 dumbbell box step overs (20in box and 25# dumbbell) 

1 length each arm dumbbell overhead lunges (25# dumbbell) 

The pushups were tough, I thought I could do 10 sets of 5, but that worked for a few rounds but then was doing 1 and 2 at a time. Everything else was just pushing through and keeping moving. 

It appears that a bunch of scores didn’t get recorded, including mine. I think it was 17 minutes or something. 

This was a hard workout that was modeled after a Regionals workouts just switching the assault bike for rowers. We only have one assault bike. Regionals had a 17 minute time cap.

I’ll update if my score gets posted. 

06182018 – CrossFit

Squats… slowing way down. Yes, slow tempo squats were up today.  Tempo squats mean lighter weights but slowing down the movement does get hard.  Today’s scheme was 5×2 at 55-65% with the tempo being 5 seconds down, 3 second hold, fast up, 5 seconds at the top, 5 seconds down, 3 second hold, fast up.   I went for 115# for today and that was a good amount. It feels weird to slow down and especially the 3 second hold seems like forever.  My body didn’t want to just sit there! It was extra challenging (maybe mostly mental) to force the last bit down to full depth.  To help keep the tempo, Jeff used a 60 beats per minute playlist on Spotify.  The music felt really slow compared to our usual!

We then did 3×10 Good Mornings.  I used a 45# bar for those. With the combination of the lighter bar and back to regular “CrossFit” music these felt really easy!

The MetCon was another running one!! This is an easy one to do anywhere as long as you have 400 meters mapped out.  The alley was flooded so we did the sidewalk again.  The temps were cooler but it was still fairly humid.  The workout was 400m run – 40 squats – 400m run – 40 lunges – 400m run.  I finished this in 8:47.  It was suprising how jello-y the legs felt after squatting and good morninging.  And then after the air squats and lunges.  Oh man.  It felt a lot like a Brick Workout in triathlon training.  I’ll probably re-test this throughout the summer.

06172018 – Run

Exhausted from a late night movie and in some sweltering heat and humidity my 5K Time Trial was not all I was hoping for.  We got a chance to go see Solo.  I think it was good, it definitely doesn’t live up to the other Star Wars movies, but it wasn’t horrible like some have said.  We went to a late showing and got home after midnight – so technically I started Father’s Day off at a movie and Cub Foods!

It has been super muggy and hot with Excessive Heat Warnings and storms coming and going for a few days and this morning was no different.  I got out for a run in between 2 storms again and the humidity was pretty oppressive. The 5K loop from home around Wirth Lake was my plan.  But you know me and my watch have trouble sometimes.  I couldn’t get it to start a new lap.  I tried several times and was getting really frustrated and bitten by horse flies so I kept going and took a full mile warm-up.

I feel that I gave a good effort throughout and the few times I looked at my watch I was in the 7:00 minutes so I was a little surprised at the final times.  But it is what it is now.  5K in 26:51 or 8:39 pace which will come into play later in training.

The total mileage was 4.87 in 46:13.

06162018 – Bike

With thunder in the background and south of me I hit some trails before the next round came to get us. The new Loppet trail is unofficially open so I decided to try it out. 

It’s pretty nice, nothing really technical but some tight uphill turns and some flowy downhill sections that will be fun to keep riding! I finished the loop and hit the  classic Theo section.

 In the woods it was perfect weather and pretty much completely dry. Then I went and hit the next two sections north of Glenwood. It was starting to rain a little bit and some parts of the trail not in the tree cover were wet so I opted not to hit the flow section south of Glenwood. Just as I was finishing the trails and popped back out onto Wirth Parkway my front tire popped and I had to hike a bike the half mile home.

Fortunately I made it home before the deluge began! One benefit of walking was that I saw this young deer eating berries next to the Plymouth bridge! 

06142018 – Run

This morning was beautiful for running. 63 degrees at 5:30am. It was nice to sleep in a little bit too! Today’s plan called for a 3x800m with 3 minutes rest in between. 

Nothing exciting on the run. Though 800 seems like a long way! The first one included several hills, but the rest were more flat. 

The splits were 




I did a mile warmup and the cooldown ended up being 1.5 miles. 

Total mileage 4.4 miles in 44:38.