04252018 – Run

Trust me, I would much rather run in shorts and a t-shirt.  But, there is something nice about running in a long-sleeve shirt and shorts.  It could just be the idea of running in shorts is making me happy, but I do think the fall and spring bridges are a great time to run! I woke up on my own at 4:15am, 15 minutes before the alarm so I went ahead and got up and hit the trails!

Today was a 6x400m workout.  And it was a nice morning for it.  Clear and 34 degrees, as noted I went out in shorts and a long sleeve, I did add my gloves so my little fingers wouldn’t get too cold! Only one small part that I ran today still had ice on the trails, but there was plenty of muddy areas.  For the most part though the trails were in great shape.  One thing I noticed is that without the snow on the trails, not all of the trails make obvious sense.  I noticed a few places where I veered off the normal “trail” and stayed on the paved trails.  Oh well, I still hit most of the major hills in the south east section of Wirth.

The workout was 6x400m with 400m rest in between. The total workout was 4.63 miles in 47:01.

The intervals:





1:57 – was on mostly paved trail


04242018 – CrossFit

Doing an Rx workout is hard, but when you can pretty much do all the movements you gotta go for it!

But first we did a 9 minute Snatch EMOM.  The first 3 minutes was 3 reps at 55%, then 3 minutes of 2 reps at 65%, and then 3 minutes of 3 reps at 55%.  After warming up we jumped right in.  I started out with 65#’s on the bar and added 10#’s for 75#’s for the middle 6 reps. The weights were challenging, but not crushing. I need to be more patient and wait for the extension before getting underneath the bar and work on consistently getting down to proper depth.

The MetCon was a 21-15-9 Triplet with a 13 minutes time cap.  The 3 movements:

American Swing with a 50# Kettlebell


Toes to Bar

I finished in 11:30 and was the last one done in my class. Burpees usually slow me down and this was definitely the case.  My toes to bar are also a little rough – I’m not getting a good enough kip to get the toes to the bar, but my knees are coming up to my chest, so that’s close! Plus I just really started.  I had to break them down into sets of 3.

04222018 – Bike

Our first really gorgeous day! As a family we went for a walk/kids biking in the early afternoon.  When we got back I went out for a ride.  I wore my Northwoods Racing Kit from Twin Six and enjoyed being able to wear shorts and a short sleeve jersey! I brought arm warmers just in case, but never needed them. It was around 60 with a little wind.  The paved trails were snow free, but still with water a lot of places.

I took the North Cedar Lake Trail and connected to the Minnetonka Regional Trail by taking the cut through in Hopkins on 2nd. The Minnetonka Trail is all “aggregate” and it had patches that were still super wet and muddy and others that appeared all dried out.  I only did like 2 miles out and then back on it as I didn’t have time for the longer rides that go out that way. Then I connected back onto the Cedar Lake LRT Trail/Midtown Greenway.  This had  a nice tail wind and I connected into 2 different riders who were pushing hard.  I wasn’t able to hang for long but it was nice to get some miles at a much harder pace. I hit 25 mph in this section without any real hill. Then I rode the Hiawatha LRT trail downtown and rode along West River Road and back home.  It was a nice route that has some great sections for hard riding.

Overall 28.8 miles in 2:00:00. I had 22 “achievements” on Strava so that’s pretty sweet!

04212018 – Run

Today was actually the 2×2 mild time trial I accidentally did 2 weeks ago! This morning was nice… 36f and sunny so another shorts run! Soon it will be tshirt running weather! 

There is still quite a bit of snow in the shaded areas, so I opted for another pavement rum. I did mix it up by running to and through Sochacki Park. The paved trail was mostly clear with a few patches of ice and some places that were snow covered across the trail. I’ve ran here before, but I think only one other time in the daylight. It is a nice, narrow park to run through.  I had to take a bathroom break during the rest period and then pushed it hard back. 

Total run was 6.46 in 1:00:28.



These were slower than 2 weeks ago, but I think more even time wise. 

04202018 – CrossFit

Friday morning workout started with some shoulder warmups before an 8 minute EMOM of 2 pullups.

The bulk of the workout was Mark 35. This is 7 rounds for time of

5 Bench Press

5 Power Cleans

40 Dubs

I was able to do it at the scaled weights of 105 pounds for both and 80 single unders. In warmups I hit several double unders in a row! Nate and I partnered up. He did Rx so we had to swap weight out for each bar which definitely slowed us down, but it was still a tough workout. I finished in 17:08.