12142018 – CrossFit

Ahhh.. another Friday afternoon workout.  It was actually a decent day at work so that was nice! We did a bear crawl, jog, inch worm, and lunges before heading into our tripod stand practice.  It is getting easier to get up into the tripod for sure.

This week was a Clean and Push Press 6 sets working up to a heavy set of 1 Clean and 3 Push Press. I started at 65 and then did 75, 80, 85, 90, 95. 95 was definitely heavy.  Bobby showed me how to widen my grip for the Push Press which should help me to get more leverage.

We ran out of time to do the MetCon exactly as written, we cut the breaks about a minute short for each.  I wanted to try the Platinum, but the last set of Deadlifts would have been 275 which seemed way too close to my max to try at this point.  That was a good decision as the Gold was plenty heavy at 185 for the last sets.  It was a 3 part AMRAP with scoring at each round and the total score was what was recorded.


12 Deadlift (105)
12 Burpee Box Jump-Overs
— rest 4 min —
8 Deadlift (135)
8 Burpee Box Jump-Overs
— rest 4 min —
4 Deadlift (185)
4 Burpee Box Jump-Overs

I finished 48 in the first round, 44 in the second and 25 in the last round. My watch recorded an average heart rate of 141 (including the rest intervals). I was beat afterwards!

12122018 – CrossFit

I was awoken early this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep.  I also get the daily EOD (email of the day) from CrossFit so I knew the mainsite workout was 4×10 Deadlift.  My new weight set in the basement would work great for that, so I finally got out of bed and did a little warmup before doing 4 sets of 10 deadlifts.  It should have been adding weight each set, but I decided to keep it at the same weight 135#.  The first set felt stiff, but by the last set they were feeling good.  I definitely could have added more weight for a longer set.  Thinking back now when we finished our Deadlift cycle I was doing some relatively heavy longer sets of Sumo Deadlift so I could easily have done more.  Oh well.  I got some work done at home and that felt good! 

12092018 – Ski

I know skiing is in kilometers but my Garmin is setup in miles.. so I skied 4.1 miles or 3 loops of the 2k course of man made snow at Wirth. It was fast snow at 6:30am. 

I was surprised at the number of people out at that time. The trail is lit. A couple of the downhills were steep with turns in them. I fell 4 or 5 times and one of them was pretty hard and my hip hurts and had a small cut on it. 

It felt good to be out and trying some hills. I cant wait for some flatter stuff to be open! And to try out some skate skis!

12082018 – Ski

2.2 miles of cross country skiing with the kids at the MN Nordic Opener. No ski passes were required so it was free fun for us! 

They had a family touring loop that was pretty good except for a steep uphill at the end! They also had a short demo loop that had a pretty good downhill on it that was a little trickier for the kids!

12072018 – CrossFit

Today we did some more Tripod holds for warmup.  I was able to do all 7×15 second holds in the tripod position.  That was an improvement from last week.

The weight lifting portion was 5 sets of Clean and Push Press.  One clean and 5 push presses per set.  Working to a heavy set.  I was able to work up to a set of 90#.  I got some good pointers about hand placement for the Push Press that will hopefully improve my form.

The MetCon was the Baseline workout. Baseline is

For time:

500m row

40 squats

30 situps

20 pushups

10 pullups

I finished in 5:53.  I did the row in about 1:50 and the squats really hurt, I broke them up into 20-10-10 with a quick break in between each set.  Then I did 2 sets of 15 for the situps and 4 sets of 5 for the pushups.  The pullups I did a set of 3, 3 sets of 2 and the final 1.  I’m happy with my time as it is 21 seconds faster than my last baseline test AND is also Rx!!  So faster and harder!!

Wodify only has one other time listed and it was 5/2/17 in 6:14.  My initial Baseline was in June 2014 and was 7:35 with lots of scaling!!