06162019 – Bike

All the rains kept missing us! Bad news for the garden, but good news for getting an early Father’s Day ride in!! I took a good hour and did all the Loppet trails and the North Loop. I realize I’ve not done any of the other MORC trails for awhile now, but that’s ok.  One of these days I’ll have more time!  The trails are in great shape with only a few places that were even wet. If it actually stays dry some of the detours might actually get re-opened too.  I was happy to be out!

8.72 miles in 1:05 with a handful of segment PRs.

06152019 – CrossFit

I couldn’t decide what to do this morning. It was sprinkling a little bit – enough to make the sidewalk wet, but not under the trees. The mountain bike trails were probably fine, but I knew they’d be closed. I ended up doing the baseline workout for the new PSE Pro training cycle.

It was a 9 minute AMRAP with 10 push-ups, 30 swings (35#) and a 200m run. My chest is still a little sore from Murph – yikes. So I did push-ups to the 2nd step on my front steps. The swings were Russian and for the 200m I ran to the end of the block and back. I’m on the corner so it should be pretty close. I didn’t do a lot of warm-up just jogged around the block and began.

It was just over 2 minutes for the first round and each subsequent one was a little bit slower! I finished 4 rounds and 2 pushups in the 9 minutes.

It sprinkled most of the time and I’m sure my neighbors,if they were awake wondered what I was doing!

06132019 – Run

A neighbor was watching the kids while I finish up work for the summer. They were at the beach and after work I ran to join them for a little bit. The run was nice through Wirth and ended up being shorter than I expected. But no GI issues, it took a while to loosen up too.

2.5 miles

06112019 – Bike

The car was getting its brakes replaced so another nice day to bike commute!! It was supposed to rain all afternoon so it was definitely a risk of getting wet on the way home. I packed my rain coat and booties so of course it wasn’t raining on the way home! It was actually a nice cool afternoon ride!

06102019 – Bike

Bike commute!! First day of “summer” – no students at work and I was able to ride my bike in. Felt a little sore from yesterday, especially on some of the hills in the morning. Not as bad on the ride home!

11 miles for the day!