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07172019 – Bike & Swim

Today was a tempo ride on the bike. I started off at a relaxed pace heading south. Today I used the 494 bridge to cross the Minnesota River to Mendota. From there I road the Big River Trail and crossed the Mississippi River on the 35E bridge and headed back towards Minneapolis on the trail next to Shepherd Rd. I crossed the Mississippi again at Lake Street and added a short cool down section to get back to my car. It was a nice ride.

I wasn’t 100% sure if the Big River Trail would be flooded or not, but the section I rode on was up off the water pretty far. So I didn’t have any troubles. I opted to ride on the bike trail instead of the potholed East River Road in St. Paul. It was humid but mid-70’s so not too bad. I ended with 18.5 miles in 1:11:14.

The threat of rain or a storm hung around all day and I wasn’t sure if we’d have swim lessons or lap swimming today. The storm broke apart and went around the metro so we got them in! I decided to do a ladder today. I did 50, 100, 150, 150, 100, 50, 25, 25. Then I did some drills I did 25 with closed fists, then 25 with only my right arm, 25 with only my left arm, and finished with 25 with closed fists. I’m doing better with bilateral breathing, but I think I’m not getting enough air when I turn to the right. After 100 yards I pretty much can’t do it. I swam a total of 750 yards.

07152019 – Bike

Today was a max distance effort on the bike. After warming up it would be 3 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy for 60 minutes (so 10 rounds). The Vivoactive again handled this perfectly. I swapped out the battery in my sensor, hoping that would fix the computer, but no luck. Ugh. I need to look at it some more.

I headed towards Fort Snelling and crossed the Fort Snelling bridge. Fortunately, one of the 3 minutes rest ended just as I finished climbing the stairs from the bridge. Then back up the River Road all the way to Dinkytown bridge and back down the River Road. I only had to sit through one stop light and it was also a rest period, so no pausing the interval timers! The hill climbs were a mix of recovery and hard efforts. Just as I was starting an interval someone passed me ( I was on the road the whole time) and I tried to catch them but I never could. I was starting to gain and then we hit a smaller hill and I couldn’t sustain the effort any longer. Of course after my recovery he was gone.

St. Paul really needs to repave the road! So many potholes I kept worrying that I was going to hit one hard and wrong and either flip or bust my tire. I tried missing them, but wow some were hard to miss. They’ve repaved some of the trail, so hopefully that will be the next step. One of my intervals was down the big hill on campus from Franklin by the hospital! That was a nice easy hard interval! I also got some of the hard interval down to the Bohemian Flats!! But that also meant I had a hard interval while climbing back up to Franklin and that was a challenge for sure!

I was grateful for the rest interval, though it was still going uphill and I was on the road, so I couldn’t completely spin it out. I was taking the whole lane through some of the narrower sections and just as we were cresting the last little hill, some old guy in a PT Cruiser pulls up beside me and says that there is a bike lane right there. I told him that I was aware of that, but I was going too fast to ride on it. He said, well you aren’t right now. I thanked him for his support of my riding! And off he went. In case you were wondering, there is no law or rule that says you have to use the bike trails and the bike trails do have a 10mph speed limit on them. I can’t say for sure exactly how fast I was going and I should have asked him, but my slowest speed in that section was just around 9 mph. And there is no easy way to move back and forth between the two. The guy at least was polite about it!

My splits were all around .8 miles for 3 minutes. A total of about 15 miles during the 60 minute interval session.

The total ride was 18.4 in 1:15.

No swim lessons on Monday, so no lap swimming for me!

07112019 – Bike & Swim

Today’s bike called for some interval work again. It is hard to know how far I can go in the time allotted. The kids have a 90 minute class, so I have just under that. I had forgotten that the bike computer wasn’t working until I started out again. It is not connecting the wireless sensors – probably just a battery. I took a risk and headed out toward the Midtown Greenway and was going to hit the lakes and back on Minnehaha Parkway. I was hoping that I’d finish the loop in time and actually did it with a little time to spare! The workout was 6 rounds of 2:00, 1:00, :30. Again the Vivoactive was great for this workout.

The only error was on that I created as I stopped the intervals a few times if I was sitting at a stop light waiting to cross the street. There are not a ton of street crossings, but they and some congested trail spaces came during intervals which was hard. I probably should have been riding on the roads instead of bike trails, due to my speed but that’s ok! I also missed that the path split and went under a bridge that I had to wait to cross the street on! Oops. It was a fun ride as I haven’t ridden that part in a good while. The Minnehaha Creek was still pretty high and the trail was flooded over at one point. But not too high, just enough to get you wet! I did switch over to the road between Nokomis and Hiawatha and then hit several lights, but I was pretty much done at that point.

I got 21 segment PR’s out 35 segments on Strava so that’s some good work! The actual interval distances were all over the place depending on where I was on the loop.

Total miles were 17 miles in 1:07.

Back to some lap swimming! Today was a lot less drama! No TV cameras. I accumulated 850 yards again doing some 50’s and 100’s and got in a couple of 150’s too. My bilateral breathing is getting better, but I start to get winded I go back to left sided breathing only and with every other stroke.

07082019 – CrossFit & Bike

Got up early for 5:30am CrossFit and it felt great. We did handstand practice, something that I still need work on getting up into the handstand. We then did 5×8 Deadlifts at 60% so I did 185. 8 reps is a lot. I’ve not deadlifted in awhile so I’m sure I’ll feel it later! We then had a 7 minute metcon. When I first looked at it, I thought it was an AMRAP. But no, the last movement was max effort! The movements were – 40 burpees (which took almost half the time), 20 calorie row (which was about 90 seconds) and then maximum effort wall balls (basically as many wall balls as possible with the time left). I got to the wall balls with about 90 seconds left and I got 21 done in that time frame. I used a 20# ball for a platinum level performance!

After dropping the kids off at their programs (only 90 minutes this week) I headed out for a bike workout. The workout was 3-4 rounds but I was only able to get in 2 rounds based on the time that I had. The workout was 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 minute intervals with an equal amount of rest. I guess I never set the watch up to do intervals in bike mode so I couldn’t actually track the intervals or time. And my bike computer isn’t connecting to the sensors so I didn’t really have any live data while riding. I used the clock on the computer to guesstimate the timing of my intervals and recovery.

I rode North on West River Road and cut over to the Dinkytown Greenway. My first interval ended about 1/2 up the hill from Bohemian Flats and Downtown so I went ahead and spun up the rest of it! After crossing the Mississippi River I connected with East River Road and took that all the way to the MN 5 Bridge crossing at Fort Snelling. Most of the workout was on East River Road and one of the other intervals ended in the middle of a hill, but I can’t remember which one for sure now. I knew I was running tight on time and got to the bridge right about the time I needed to start the last interval. Unfortunately, this bridge has about 20 steps to carry down the bike, then cross the river and then about 20 steps back up. I did those as quick as possible and started my last interval when I got to the top of the stairs! I rode through Historic Fort Snelling coming out near Coldwater Springs and then followed the road to Minnehaha Falls. The last interval ended along that road and I relaxed a little but didn’t go super easy as I needed to get back to pickup the kids! I made it right on time, though I was still sweating when I walked into the building! Overall, I felt like I was hitting it pretty hard, though I know my legs were sore from CrossFit in the morning.

The total ride was 17.47 miles in 1:10:15.

07062019 – Bike

This morning’s workout called for a bike ride with 2 x 15k intervals. This meant a pretty decent long ride as 15k is about 9.3 miles. I had a fair amount of time and the actual workout was 3x15k but I didn’t have quite that much time! After finishing the 2nd interval and recovery time of 5 minutes I did a third interval for what ended up being 4.4 miles just to get me home.

I headed West towards Eden Prairie on the trails and then cut North on Baker Road after first crossing it and 62nd Street. There were some good hills on Baker Road and also some stop lights so it wasn’t a full on 15k interval, but still pretty dang close. I came back towards St. Louis Park on the Minnetonka LRT and varied between the gravel and the paved road. I probably could have kept going north to the Luce Line, but this ended up being a perfect distance for today.

I hit 27.6 miles in 1:50:50. My two intervals were 34:03 and 34:28. The third interval of 4.4 miles was 17:51.