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01052020 – Bike & Ski

I rode for about 55 minutes and 13 miles on the bike trainer in the morning. I’m catching up on a bunch to TED talks that were highlighted a few years ago for me. TED will send you random videos to watch so I’m trying to expand my horizons by watching them!

In the afternoon was the first ski lessons for the year. It was a sunny day and not too cold. We did about 1.5 miles of classic skiing.

12272019 – Bike

My sister and brother in law got a Schwinn bike trainer. So I did 30 minutes and just over 10 miles on it. It’s in the main room so everyone was watching me or playing super heroes! Much better than the basement.

12212019 – Bike

Joe and I took the fat bikes out in the dark am! We rode 45 North, Condrum, and the Back 40 for a total of 7.5 miles. It was about 20f and the trails were in great shape for riding. We only saw a handful of other riders and when we stopped it was nearly quiet. A great morning to ride!

12102019 – Bike

At -5f air temp this morning I thought it was time to break out the bike.

Ok, so I setup my trainer in the basement last night and rode it this morning! Don’t worry, I’m not quite that crazy. Well… at least not going to try it in the dark before work. So I rode about 8.4 miles while watching some TED talks!

My basement is kind of in a transitional mess right now. Moving things around to get a better workout area setup. So I accidentally set the trainer up underneath some of the pipes for the boiler which means that I have a little heater right above me that I definitely don’t need! I’ll need to move that soon!