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01092020 – Ski

After picking up my race packets at Pioneer Midwest and getting some wax and advice from their friendly staff I went for a short ski. I hadn’t skied before Christmas so I wanted to get something in before Saturday’s race. It was right around freezing and sunny at least for the start.

The trails were crowded with quite a few teams as the natural snow isnt super good for skiing now. I did the current loop which is around 4.5k. After the loop I did the short meadow loop that is open. I ended up with just over 5k. It felt good.

12202019 – Ski

A post work sunny ski. It was great to get out. My first workout since Sunday due to family with influenza. I did the natural loop first since I knew I’d be ending in the dark. A bunch of high schoolers were out and they were wearing costumes! I then did 2 loops of the made snow on their 3k loop now. It’s still a pretty hilly loop, but it’s got some nice downhill sections!

Just over 10k of skiing!

The trailhead:

12052019 – Ski

An afternoon ski felt nice after a rough few days. It was just above freezing. The only good trails were the 1k loop. And there were at least 2 high schools there skiing. So the trails were kind of busy.

Just over a 5k. 35f and sunny. 3.35 miles.

03032019 – Bike and Ski

This morning I spent an hour on the trainer in the basement as the temps were like -12 with nasty windchill. While cold, the day was quite sunny.  Even though the temps were hovering around the cancellation mark we had our last ski lessons today. Quite a few kids were out and we had a great ski. We ended up with about 3.6k of skiing as a group. After we finished I hit the trails for a quick loop and did about the same distance  with the harder hills!  Despite the wind it was a nice day to be outside! 

Afterwards we celebrated the last day of ski lessons by having dinner with friends at the Cajun Twist at the Trailhead.  I had the Nawlins Dog and everyone else split the rice and beans and Zeydeko Rice Bowl.  Excellent food! 

02082019 – Ski

The afternoon sun was deceiving.  It felt warm when I started skiing, but the wind picked up especially across the lake. And once the sun started slipping away.. Brrr.  It was down to -2 when I got home. I was excited to do some skate skiing on the natural snow and to get some longer sections of flat area to ski! The trail wasn’t quite in ideal shape with all of the fresh snow. It had been groomed, but it had a lot of soft spots and even some drifts on it across the 5 miles that I did.  I got pretty exhausted as I was coming back across the lake.   The Washburn Nordic team was out there and that gave me some energy for awhile.  My phone died from being so cold, I had it in my outer jacket, but it warmed up enough that I could snag the frozen beard pics when I finished!  It was a tough ski, but it felt good to get my longest ski done.  It was about 8,5k in just over 80 minutes.