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04152018 – Ski 

Yes, you read that right. Skiing on April 15th. It looks like we will probably be able to ski for at least another week. The Historic April Blizzard dropped about 15 inches of snow and a second round is still dropping snow! 

Joe and I decided to join the small mass of people enjoying the 3k of groomed trails. Grooming was supposed to officially end a month ago! The Loppet is actually hosting a ski race tomorrow on the trails!

The trails had been groomed earlier in the day and we had gotten even more snow throughout the day so it was pretty sticky and I had trouble gliding. Joe was giving me some pointers and tips throughout the ski such as double poleing and tightening my pole straps. I didn’t fall at all but like I said it was pretty slow conditions. It was still a lot of fun just to be out. 

I did 4 miles in 48 minutes. Joe did a couple extra of the small loops since he is so much faster than me!

04142018 – Run

I put the pictures in the post and then never came back to do my write up. Oops.  This was my 5 mile time trial. We had fresh snow, but I got out before the blizzard really came down!  Overall run was 7 miles in 1:13:02.

My 5 mile time trial was in 51:30 so 10:18 on snowy trails!

04122018 – Run

The workout this morning was 5x800m.  The trails were a mixture of icy and mud.  I swear my phone updated and said that it was 40 degrees so I opted for shorts.  I realized pretty quickly that it was actually colder as the sidewalks had a thin layer of ice from the snow melt. But it didn’t feel too cold. By the time I got home my legs were just starting to get cold.  It was hard to know where the icy parts were since the run started before 5am and it was pitch black.  The headlamp doesn’t really provide good depth perception or awareness of puddles!  Once I got into the woods it was more about a thin layer of ice on the remaining snow pack or areas of mud.

Looking at the splits you can tell when I was on flatter and better surfaces!






The overall run was 4.63 miles in 49:17.

04082018 – Bike

A cold ride around some lakes this morning. It was supposedly 17 degrees, but I wasn’t wearing enough clothes. Really it was just my fingers and toes that got the worst of it, but by the end I was feeling it! 

18 miles in 1:27. 

Rode by some crabby people who gave me the stink eye for riding on the bike path. The walking paths are still covered in snow. Another guy yelled at me for not announcing myself when I passed him, even though I yelled 5 times and his walking partner heard me and told him to move. But overall a nice ride!

04032018 – Run

Lots of fresh powder for this morning’s run! I think there was about 4 inches of fresh snow, but I still wanted to hit the hills of the trails. There was enough snow that I ran with a skier and his dog for a short bit! Look for him in the one picture!

The workout was a 6×300.  Given the snow it was more about effort level than a specific pace for me. It was fun to play in the snow a little bit too!  The total run was 3.94 miles in 43:33.