01032020 – Run

As expected it had rained over night. It was 45 with a chance of rain during my run. I opted for the hiking trails on the other side of Fort Harrison State Park since they aren’t biking trails. They had some flooding along the Fall Creek trail (by the river) and by the Duck Pond. I ran the Fall Creek Trail and then connected to the paved trail Harrison Trace Trail to head back towards the parking lot. I took the cutoff before Delaware Lake and connected to Camp Creek trail. While the Fall Creek is wide with some good amenities (benches and wooden step structures), Camp Creek is narrow single track with only a few bridges over the widest creek crossings. Camp Creek was a fun trail, its on the inside of the Harrison Trace Loop. It didn’t actually rain while I was running so that was nice, though it might have felt cooler. I got to wear shorts and opted for a t-shirt under my rain jacket.

4.14 miles in 45:51. The mile on the paved trail was relatively faster than the tight single track.

01022020 – Run

Saw some deer driving to the trailhead. Easy 4 miler at Fort Harrison State Park. There was no fee today which was nice! I ran the Lawrence Creek trail and added in the GC smaller loop to add miles. The trail was mostly dry with some wet sections. If I had started at the other trail head I probably wouldn’t have ran it.

It was in the upper 30’s and getting warmer as I ran. I felt my quads still from the other day.

4 miles in 50:22

01012020 – CrossFit

After some discussion we decided to do CrossFit workout Lynne. It is an interesting choice but will be a good one to retest throughout the year. It is a bench and pullup workout. In the cold barn we setup and started warming up. Lynne is supposed to be bodyweight bench. We agreed that none of us could do that and settled on 95# being a good weight to start with.

Lynne is 5 rounds of max effort benchpress and pullups. It is written with no time caps or other real details. We setup the rounds and progression and hit it. We did time it to get a sense of how long it would take. We were fairly generous with rest too. I started on the bench and then did pullups and then rest.

Round 1 was 15 bench 6 pullups

Round 2 was 15 bench 6 pullups

Round 3 was 12 bench and 6 pullups

Round 4 was 13 bench and 7 pullups

Round 5 was 14 bench and 7 pullups.

Round 5 was to complete failure. The rest were until I felt like I couldn’t do any more. Cory and Meg went to failure on an earlier round and kept going.

It was a good shoulder workout that was felt pretty quickly. I think we took quite a bit of rest and I was feeling muscle fatigue.

My total reps were 101. With 69 bench and 32 pullups in 24 minutes.

The whole time we were working Caleb came up with his own little circuit of assault bike, box jumps, and situps! I’m not sure he ever used the kettlebell.

12302019 – CrossFit

At my other sister’s and using their setup. I did the lifting portion from Solcana and took the MetCon from the main site. The gymnastic work was a EMOM of hollow and arch rocks followed by some handstand work.

Then I did 10×3 front squat at 60% which was 105#. I did them from the rack and they were just hard enough that the last set hurt a little bit, but not too much.

Then the MetCon… this was posted about a week ago and I thought it was something that would be a good body weight workout. It could also be a good one to test out later. It was 3 rounds of 50m lunges and then do the number of burpees that it took to complete the 50 meters. I stepped off about 25 meters on my sisters driveway and then lunged out and back so I could do the burpees inside. It was in the mid-40’s so it wasn’t too cold. I ended up doing about 120 of each through the 3 rounds. I wanted to quit during the burpees but kept going! It ended up taking 21:47 to do it all. The first set of lunges took about 90 seconds so you can see the burpees really slowed me down! I was quite glad to be finished with it!