12022018 – Bike

I did 35 minutes on the trainer listening to TED Talks! Average heart rate of 125.  I need to get new batteries for my bike computer and sensor and then I think I’ll get some speed and distance data too. 

After I used my new barbell and did some light front squats, situps, and pullup practice. 

11302018 – CrossFit

Talk about a rough ending to the workday.  I’m glad I was able to go straight to the gym and work it out!

We are in a new cycle and are doing tripod stands.  7×15 second holds. I did the first couple in a pike position before getting my knee up onto my elbows at least partially for the rest. 

We did a longish MetCon for time of:

200 single unders,

50 situps,

10 deadlift at 185,

150 single unders,

40 situps,

8 deadlift,

100 single unders,

30 situps,

6 deadlifts,

50 single unders

20 situps,

4 deadlifts

We did a lot of drilling on the jump rope before we started and then warmed up to our deadlift weights.

I finished in 11:57.  This was Gold with single unders instead of dubs!  It was a lot of jump roping! 

11242018 – Run

It was a nice morning to run.  Maybe the last warm-ish morning at 37f and pretty foggy. It had rained most of the night so it was pretty soggy on the trails so I was surprised to still see some ice on the trail.  It definitely felt more like a spring run than a fall one!   I was pretty stiff and sore from all the working out on Weds and Thursday but running actually felt good!

I ended up with 3.6 miles in 34:58.