01302019 – Run

I’m not completely crazy… I do have limits.  Like not running when the actual air temps are -34.  I’ve run when the wind chill is -34 before.  It was enough just to get bundled up for the quick drive to the gym! 

I can’t actually remember the last time I ran on a treadmill.  I hate them so much, but I needed to run.  I went to the Minneapolis Bouldering Project and did a several routes as a warm-up and then did a 5k on the treadmill.  My Garmin has a treadmill function that ended up being about .1 off from what the actual treadmill said.  There were a handful of other people at the gym either climbing or lifting, but only 1 other person used any of the cardio equipment while I was there.  Pretty unexciting stuff – I listened to my podcasts (they don’t have TV’s) and used a towel to cover up the treadmill screen. 

After the run I did a little pull-up complex and then some lunges to round out my morning before heading back out into the cold! 

01282019 – Bike

A more reasonable weather day for biking! After several fresh inches of snow and waiting until the afternoon I thought the mountain bike trails would be great for riding. Well.. I was only the second bike on them. Someone had snowshoed to help pack it down, but it was still really loose. I spent a lot of time slipping, sliding, and pushing my bike up the hills. Ugh. Good conditioning right? There were definitely times were I was able to get into a rhythm of riding for a brief period! I can’t wait to go back when it is better packed and not freezing! I couldn’t tell if I was spinning on the loose snow or the ice underneath it all – or some combination of both.

It was 13f and sunny with a little bit of wind. I ended up riding 4.5 miles in 1:21.

01272019 – Ski and Bike

The kids were at a birthday party during ski lessons today, so I took the opportunity to ski solo. The trails were a little crowded with all the kids, but that was the time I had to get away. I did the full loop skate skiing again and it felt worse, but my time was actually better so that’s a good thing! My glasses got fogged up so I put them on top of my head and as I flew down Devil’s Drop they flew off. So as I went back up I made a slight detour to pick them up! One of the older kid groups was practicing climbing up the same hill and they were better than me! Most of them have been skate skiing longer than me and it wasn’t like it was super easy for them either!

It was about 7 above with a below zero windchill. The sun was out, but not really warming things up too much!

6.5K in 55:12.

A few weeks ago the Loppet Foundation announced that they were opening the man made snow trails to fat bikers on the evenings during the weekend. I think fairly low usage time for skiiers, but the bike trails have been icy so long that it is a generous gift to the bike community. I had hoped to go out on Friday evening, but that didn’t work but I really wanted to get out and try it. So I went, in the middle of a snowstorm!

The conditions weren’t ideal at all! The wind and snow was driving and there was more than an inch of fresh powder on the trails. This made it hard to see where the trail was and the powder made it slow going. I had to walk on some of the steeper hills and once my glasses fogged up they froze and it was hard to see through them. But that was better than getting pelted by snow in the eyeballs!

This wasn’t a problem until I was on the North side of the Haplutter loop. I had managed to get down the hill okay, but when I got back on the trail at the top, I struggled with staying there. I could see two poles and decided to ride between them. Makes sense right? Well after a few feet I came up to a rope stretching across the “trail”. I took my glasses off and somehow I had ended up on one of the greens. Oops. So I made it back to the trail and kept going. Then whomp, I fell off the packed snow into fresh deeper snow. I took my glasses off and I indeed had fallen off the trail and was pointed down the upside of the LaSquandra Loop. Oops! After that everything went fine but as you can see in the picture I had really no visibility.

I wasn’t the only crazy one out there riding either. When I rode up a few people were finishing and as I entered the Hap Lutter Loop a few people were just finishing the loop. So I might have been the last crazy one, but not the only crazy one!

5 above with windchill around -15. 5 miles in 56 minutes.

01262019 – CrossFit and Ski

The roads were a bit slick this morning and there was an accident in the tunnel on the way to and from CrossFit. Kids and I ended up being about 10 minutes late. They had me do 5 minutes on the Assault Bike as I had missed the warm-up. I missed a little bit of time in the Deadlift window, but that was ok. Deadlift to a technical Heavy 5 – so making sure that form stayed good through a heavy set of 5. We were supposed to do a light set first so I started with 95#, then 135#, then 185# then 205# ending at 215#. That felt pretty sold for a set of 5. Then we had to drop to 70% of the Heavy 5 for 2 x 10. That put me at 150 for two sets. It felt a lot lighter, but was a good weight for 20 reps. The MetCon was 3 RFT with a 7 minute cap of: 15 Front Squats (65#) 12 Burpees 65 was the Gold standard and was a good choice. I could have done 45 at 95# but not within the time cap. I finished in 6:33. I did the first round unbroken and then stopped at 8 for the last two rounds. We were cleaning the bar from the floor, so breaking them up wasn’t recommended. It was a tough workout and I hit half way through the time at about half way through the reps, so I tried to push myself to get it done under. The first round was in a little under 2 minutes. About an hour after finishing my workout, the family went to gymnastics so I took the opportunity to get a ski in. I grabbed some food and set out to do some skate skiing. It was about 8f with a light snow falling as I set out. I ended up doing the entire man-made loop and it was really busy out there. A fair number of teams training. It is supposed to snow tomorrow and then the temps are dropping into the negatives for highs for the week. So this might have been the best time of the weekend to ski. I was proud of myself for not falling even though I did some of the hills I always fall on! My form definitely still needs a lot of work, but sometimes things seem to click. I was able to kind of ski up some of the hills instead of just walking up them so that’s good! I completed 6.6K in 61 minutes. I noticed that my average heart rate for my MetCon was actually lower than my average for the skiing! Not a bunch, but that is an interesting observation.

01242019 – CrossFit

Today there was no school and I had a training in Edina so I was able to go to the 5:30am CrossFit class. Always good to be back and twice in one week! More of the regulars were there so it was fun to catch up with them.

We did some muscle up practice as our warmups. I did 4 rounds of 10 hollow body band pull downs, 3 jumping pops on the low bar, and 2 slow eccentric releases on the bar (slow lowers).

Thursdays are an easier day so we had a 2 part MetCon with no measure.

The first part was 3 rounds NOT for time of:

8 weighted stepups each leg (53# kettlebell at 24 inches)

8 single arm kettlebell deadlifts (70#)

8 KB bench press (25# dumbbells we ran out of the right weight kettlebells)

followed by 3 rounds NOT for time of

15 band pull aparts

Down and Back (backwards) Monster Walks w/hip circles

15 banded leg curls

The backwards monster walk felt pretty spicy, otherwise everything else felt pretty good. My legs actually felt less sore afterwards than before I started. My quads had been pretty sore all week (like hard to walk down stairs).