10012018 – CrossFit

Well, it wasn’t really CrossFit, but I got my Deadlift on.  I rode my bike in a misty rain to the Bouldering gym and did my 6×3 @ 78% Deadlifts.  78% for this round was 190.  That felt heavy, but doable for that many lifts.  I also did the 20 Sumo Deadlifts, we aren’t tracking the weights really, but we were supposed to do them heavier than last week.  So I just slipped the 25# plates off and pulled 140 which is 5 more than last week.

I decided not to do the MetCon since I was biking and had really just finished dinner about an hour before.  But I did do the COW.  We just started a Challenge of the Week as a gym and the first challenge is to see how long you can hang from the bar with only chalk.  I was able to hang for 45 seconds.  I wanted to let go at 30, but made myself hang on!

The bike ride was just about 2 miles each way and it felt nice to ride to work out!

09292018 – Run

It was the first chilly morning of fall.  We didn’t actually freeze or frost over night, but the temp was 38f when I left the house.  That’s cold enough for gloves, a second layer shirt, and I wore ear band which might have been overkill.

At this point I’m just trying to get some miles in before the Loopet Loppet in a few weeks.  I don’t have a specific training plan and I feel like I’m recovered from the marathon.  I have no desire to get up at 4:30am right now to run so I’m content with a mid length run on the weekend.

I haven’t run at Wirth since the marathon so it was nice to be out on the familiar trails.  It did feel odd to just be running them and not having a specific workout that needed to be done.  I did the main loop I usually run adding in a little more here and there.  When I got back to The Trailhead I hit the Area 36 trails and popped out by the Chalet to come home.

I wasn’t trying to run hard at all and I’m feeling a little sore from some of the CrossFit workouts from earlier in the week. I did 6.4 miles in 1:05.  I almost didn’t see the nice buck that was eating along the southern edge of the park.  I also saw a skunk a little bit later.

09282018 – CrossFit

Because we aren’t fully staffed at my school, some of us are alternating riding on the bus as a bus aide.  Today was my day which meant that my work day ended a little bit earlier and I wouldn’t have the kids with me.  This meant I could head to the 3:30pm class that is offered on Fridays. That means that the class is over relatively early still on a Friday afternoon which felt great too.

We had a tough “warmup” of Z Press, Dumbbell windmills and bouncing squats.  I definitely felt warm afterwards!

The lift of the day was Snatch.  We were all discussing how we’ve been doing a lot of shoulder work lately and how we are all sore from it!  Every 90 seconds we did 3 snatches for 12 rounds.  The first 3 rounds were at 60%, the second 3 were at 65%, the next 3 at 70%, and the final 3 were back at 60%.  I did 65#, 70#, and 75# through the lifts.  The 3rd lift of each set was hard. Some of the rounds felt better than others and I was able to get full depth.  These were supposed to be full snatches so I tried my best to get to full depth and did for most of them.

The MetCon was an interestingly designed one that involved dumbbells.  It was 10 dumbbell snatches on the right arm followed by 10 overhead squats with the same dumbbell in the right hand and then 10 pullups.  Then… repeat everything using the left hand.  That was 1 round. It was a 10 minute AMRAP. I completed the first round in right around 5 minutes, so I knew it’d be close to finish the second round.  I didn’t quite make it.  I was 6 pullups away! So I finished 1 round and 54 reps.  I was doing 1 pullup at a time for the last few and my arms were toast.

The cut on my hand is still healing so I still wore a glove on it just to be safe.

09262018 – CrossFit

After a long day of work and then clinical supervision I was able to make it to the 6:30pm CrossFit class. It was a great way to end a hard day!

Wednesdays are “Mystery” days at the gym this cycle.  The warmup was a lot of wall walks and shoulder touches.  They started out okay, but didn’t take long for them to get hard. And then they started falling apart quickly!

Today’s mystery was a version of Murph dubbed the Smurph Remix.  It was 3 rounds of:

200m run

10 pullups

20 pushup

30 air squats

200m run

3 minutes of rest.

The score was the slowest round of the 3.  The math to find the times for each round was almost as hard as the workout itself!

My 3 rounds were: 4:29, 5:23, 5:40.  The pushups were definitely the hardest thing.  Even on a bench I was struggling to get through each round of them.

Yesterday I cut my palm with an allen wrench so I wore a glove to help make sure I didn’t rip the scab off. It worked pretty well.

09242018 – CrossFit

Because of a regularly scheduled meeting I’ll still get to make the 5:30am CrossFit at least once a month!  That happened to be today!! It was nice to be with my crew again.

This morning was the first day of the new cycle and we did some heavy deadlifting! 7×4 at 70% with a full reset on the ground between each rep.  My partner and I lost track, but we got 7 sets in at 195.  They were heavy, but the reset and small number of reps made it doable.  After the 7×4 we had to do 20 Touch and Go Sumo Deadlifts at a challenging weight.  We dropped the bar to 135 and by about 15 I was pretty much done.  I did finish the 20 though.

The MetCon was a 9 minute EMOM with three different movements.  Minute 1 was was 20 pistols or the variation you could do – 24 in box with a 45 and 25lb plate. Minute 2 was a 30# dumbbell snatch. Minute 3 was max effort Toes 2 Bar – my variation is getting my hanging knee raises really high!  The score was the total number of T2B after the 3 rounds.  Each round I got more done, with the most in the last round.  My total number of reps was 53.

It was a solid day!