06132018 – CrossFit

I was sore, stiff, and tired when I woke up this morning. I’ve not been sleeping well, plus jumping back into hard training has been a shock to my body. 

Mobility felt good! Doing Clusters in the warm up hurt a little, but definitely loosened me up a little. 

The strength work was a 10 minute EMOM of Clean and Jerks. 

Minutes 1-3 at 65%

4-6 75%

7-9 80% 

10 3 reps at 65%

It was one rep each minute except for the last one. They all felt solid. My 80% was 100#, the jerk part is my limiting part of the movement. 

The MetCon was a 7 minute AMRAP with 7 reps each of 2 movements. The idea was to be able to try and cycle through the work quickly so picking something that wasn’t too heavy/hard. The movements were Thrusters and Muscleups/pullups. I did the Silver level which was 55# thrusters and pullups.  I finished 4 rounds and 5 reps. I was able to do all of the pullups in sets of 2 or 3 and some of them felt great, like I was doing legit kips!

06122018 – Run

My neighbor Eduardo is training for a triathlon this fall with the aim of an Ironman in two summers. He is going to be joining me for at least one run/workout each week. That will be a fun way to spice things up. 

This morning’s workout was 8x200m. After my 12.5k I realized I needed to do more hill specific work. Just running at Wirth isn’t going to be enough to get me up and over Moose Mountain. So I figured for this one I’d try out the sledding hill at Wirth. 

It turns out that from the first light pole up the cart path to the next hole is almost exactly 200m. The last bit is pretty steep and there is definitely ways to make it longer. So I think I’ll be back here for more. 

8 x 200 is pretty good, but the 3 minutes rest in between was a nice long rest. We walked back down the hill and then turned around and came right back up! 

I screwed up on my watch, I know I thought we were past that too. So we actually only ran 7 hill repeats. Oops. 








I can’t remember when, but at some point we started switching between two different paths to mix it up a bit. 

It was a solid workout. 

On the way home we went up the creek trail and then took the railroad home. The Loppet race goes down them for a short bit, but it wasn’t an ideal finish as we ended up having to run tie to tie. (Good agility work on tired legs, right)

Total miles 4.42 in 1:00:00. 

06112018 – CrossFit

Back squat day! It has been almost a full month since I’ve been able hit squat day and they have been getting heavy. Today was no different. 6 x 3 at 85%. 

But first we warmed up with 4 minutes of pullups. I started out doing strict pullups and then had to use a band for the last 2 minutes. I got maybe 12 done. 

Then squats… we warmed up and got 130 on the bar and that felt like a good challenge for the day. My 1RM is 200, so it was well below the 85% mark. But I got it done. 

The MetCon was an 8 minute AMRAP. It was one where you added 2 reps to each movement with each new round. The two movements were 

Renegade Row

Dumbell Front Rack Lunges

The Gold standard was using 25lb dumbbells. Platinum was 40lbs.

So the first round was 2 of each and that went by fast, then 4 of each, and then 6, etc. The first two rounds went really fast! I was able to complete 129 reps, which was getting up to 16 renegade rows and 1 lunge before the 8 minutes was over. I was satisfied with that! 

06092018 – Run

A morning run trying to beat the rain! In the woods at Wirth I didn’t feel anything,  but the pavement was wet when I got back out. 

For this run I pretty much stayed to the perimeter of the park as much as possible. This included a new section of trail I’d never run that popped me out by the CenturyLink building. It wasn’t where I had intended to be, but it worked out ok. 

4.7 miles in 47:06. 

06062018 – CrossFit

Another friendly lady to workout with… today was Helen.  I don’t really know many Helen’s but this workout wasn’t too bad!  We arrived at the gym in the middle of a thunderstorm that was really lighting up the sky and dropping a lot of water.

Given the conditions we were given the option for rowing instead of running.  Three of us chose to go ahead and run and we actually didn’t get rained on!  It actually felt good to get outside for a minute!

I have three previous scores for Helen:

10:19 with a 20# KB and ring rows (8/28/14)

11:01 with 35# KB and ring rows (5/27/15)

11:18 Russian swing with light KB and ring rows (6/25/14)

Today was significantly slower but with a 35# KB and Pull-ups.  Helen is

3 Rounds for Time

400 Meter Run

21 American Swings

12 Pull-Ups

Everything felt great for the first round.  I’m still really only able to do 3 pull-ups at a time. I have trouble cycling from the top of the bar down and back up again without pausing at the bottom.  The second round the pull-ups were getting harder and the swing started to hurt at the end.  In the last round I could feel my arms were toast and I was only able to do 2 pull-ups at a time.

I finished in 14:08. 

That’s a lot longer than last time, but also a good bit harder. I almost tried to do it Rx with a 50# kettlebell, I’m glad I didn’t!