04092019 – Bike

Another nice morning for a bike commute. I’m glad I have a reason to add bike commuting to my schedule! So 5.5 easy-ish paced miles to work.

After work was the first ride with my bike class. I have 4 kids in the class who don’t know how to ride so a co-worker and I took them out during the day to the basketball and tennis courts and worked with them. One kid was just needing the final push to do it so we just held her seat and boom she got it pretty quick. The other 3 were more at the beginning level so we took the pedals off the bikes and had them stride. One bike I could only get the 1 pedal off so she did her best. (I was able to get it off once we got inside). We really only ended up with less than 45 minutes to practice. When it came time to ride after-school I asked the girl who just got it if she was going to ride with us or stay back and practice some more. She told me she was going to practice but changed her mind and joined us. As expected she was a little slower than the group but she had a great time until we did some small hills on the way back! As a group we rode just over 2 miles to the nearby regional park. The kids had an awesome time and we did a little exploring.

On the way home I decided to spice up the ride a little bit and did some sprint intervals basically a fartlek on the bike. After every street crossing on Victory Memorial Parkway I sprinted for an increasing number of light poles before getting back into a relaxed pace. I obviously got several segment PR’s this way but still wasn’t riding super fast.

At home my little guy was wanting to ride so we did a little ride. He wanted to go down the hill but not come back up it! So we went down the Washburn hill and rode a few blocks around and found a less steep hill to come back up! We did just over a mile.

This was about a 13 mile day on the bike.

04072019 – Bike

There was a chance of rain off and on all day today!! Good news, both kids are now riding their bikes without training wheels!! I had the opportunity for a longer ride and was going rain or shine so I was happy to get it done without any rain!

Some wind on the way out which meant that heading East I had a nice tailwind. I took Wirth Parkway to Cedar Lake Trail and then East on the Midtown Greenway. A man and woman were on my tail and passed me around the Bde Maka Ska and so when they went around me I decided to tuck in with them. We were hitting 20+ mph and I was trying to stay out of their spray but still stay close enough to benefit from their slipstream. I stayed with them from the lakes up and over the Sabo Bridge. Then they slowed down so I went around them and hit the River Road all the way back to Plymouth. Going through downtown was a little crowded with all the Final Four tourists. I hit a couple of PR’s on River Road one of which was coming up the hill from the Flats to downtown. That is a tough hill but not one of the steeper ones.

The ride was almost 25 miles in about 1:40. It felt good!

04062019 – Run

Today was the first time trial of the season. A 6K Time Trial that was supposed to be treated as a race. It was a little hard to build it up that way, but I did put out good overall effort. I actually slept in which was really nice! And was able to get the run in between periods of rain. It misted a little bit, but not too bad. It was around 46f. I finally switched my watch to kilometers and set up a 6k interval. I didn’t have a specific course laid out, but thought that I could add bits and pieces here and there to the loop around Wirth lake from home which is approximately a 5k.

After the warm-up I increased my pace and tried to hold it steady. I wandered around a little bit but ended up basically running the same route as yesterday which was my own fault but a little annoying! My overall 6K time was 31:30 which was slower than I thought it would be but I’ll take it and build from here. This was 8:27 per mile average.

Overall distance was 5.09 miles in 47:41.

04052019 – Run

On tap today was yesterday’s missed long interval workout. I struggled with what workout to do, but opted for this as I know the progression will be more intervals. It was 4×800 at 6K pace with 3 minutes of rest between. I ran into Wirth again, but stayed on the paved trails as much as possible so that I wouldn’t get stuck in the mud! It was dark and a little foggy/misty and about 36f.

The splits were:





I like seeing them get faster and also know that terrain played a difference in them a little bit too, the first one was pretty much all uphill in mud. The last one was pretty much flat pavement! I felt good and didn’t feel like I was running all out.

Overall 4.95 miles in 49:36.

04032019 – CrossFit

I had trouble deciding what to do this morning. I liked the idea of sleeping in and doing the PSE workout at home. However, getting to see my 5:30am friends at Solcana was also a great idea. The PSE workout had Pendlay Rows which I’ve not done and pullups which I can’t do at home. The Solcana workout had running and deadlifts both of which I’d done already this week. Tough choices…

Ultimately, I ended up going to Solcana. It was also owner/coach Hannah’s last class coaching before going on maternity leave which was a nice bonus! After an extended warmup we did a 5 round metcon! Each round was


30 situps

15 deadlifts 135 (I could maybe have done the next heavier weight, but that was a lot of deadlifts!)

With 1 minute of rest before the next round.

I split the situps and deadlifts into 3 sets for each round. The last round I did less situps per set but did the deadlifts unbroken.

I finished in 24:17. Each round was pretty close time wise. These are my approximate guesses:






It was a good workout!! I never regret going to Solcana, except maybe tomorrow when I have to do intervals again!!