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Shoes, Shorts and a Garmin

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A recent daily mission over at Daily Mile was

What workout gear do you pack when you travel?

Since I’ve been training for a triathlon I’ve thought a lot more about this topic than previously, but I still pretty much only worry about bringing a pair or two of shoes, a pair or two of shorts and a Garmin.  Well, ok a tech shirt and “running” socks as well.

Depending on where we are going really makes a difference in how I pack.  For example, when I went to Spain this spring I brought 2 pairs of running shorts and my Garmin specifically for running at least twice.  I could have only brought 1 pair of shorts and washed them out, but oh well.  I made sure that I brought several pairs of running socks and tech shirts that I could wear throughout the week while touring and then re-wear them for a run.  I brought a pair of my running shoes to wear around while we were touring.

That has become my travel strategy for recent travel where I want to run.  Wear a tech shirt on the travel day or one of the first days so that I can re-wear it for a run later in the week. Running gear doesn’t have to take up a lot of space which is super-nice.   When we went up with Christy’s family to a cabin over the 4th of July I was bringing my swimsuit already since it was on a lake and so I threw in my goggles, though I never went for a training swim.

I think the Garmin is important when you are travelling for two important reasons – 1) it gives you accurate distance and time information (and stores it for you until you are able to log it), and 2) if you get lost in unfamiliar territory it can help you get back home!

When travelling, pack light and don’t be afraid to wash your clothes in the shower/sink and re-use them (or at least get the stink out).

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Five Fall Running Tips

We are in the midst of fall and depending on where you live you may have already passed peak leaf viewing season.  But like I recently told someone, even if the all the leaves have fallen, at least the ground will have lots of color! We often hear a lot about tips for running in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, but what are some important things to remember about fall??

Enjoy the scenery – this seems like a no brainer.  Lots of people go out of their way to do leaf viewing, but I would say be sure to take a run somewhere that you can really enjoy the full depth of the fall foliage.

Run somewhere new – this goes with the first one.  If your daily runs are on the roads in an urban or even suburban area, try to find a new place to run. I personally would recommend finding some kind of park where you can run on trails, but get out of your comfort zone and find a new place to enjoy your running.

Check the weather – fall weather can be a little tricky.  One day it can be gorgeous with lots of sun and the next day can be really windy and cold with some flurries (this actually just happened this past weekend).  So make sure you know what the weather is like before you step outside and try to run in the snow only wearing a t-shirt! You don’t want to overdress but you sure don’t want to under dress either.

Watch your step – another pretty commonsensical idea but important to stress.  No matter where you run this time of year there are going to be a lot of leaves on the ground.  And while they can be quite enjoyable to look at they are a potential hazard to our beloved ankles.  Even in the urban jungle, leaves can cover up holes, sticks, or dangerous parts of sidewalks.  Even worse, on the trails leaves can cover up roots, small stumps and a wide variety of other dangers.  So be careful!

Have Fun – last but not least, have some fun out there. Fall is a great time to relax and recharge, especially if you’ve been training hard all summer.  Try to get out and enjoy the crisp fall air and the beauty all around.  Fall is a great time of year so be sure to enjoy it before the snow starts accumulating!

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