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A recent daily mission over at Daily Mile was

What workout gear do you pack when you travel?

Since I’ve been training for a triathlon I’ve thought a lot more about this topic than previously, but I still pretty much only worry about bringing a pair or two of shoes, a pair or two of shorts and a Garmin.  Well, ok a tech shirt and “running” socks as well.

Depending on where we are going really makes a difference in how I pack.  For example, when I went to Spain this spring I brought 2 pairs of running shorts and my Garmin specifically for running at least twice.  I could have only brought 1 pair of shorts and washed them out, but oh well.  I made sure that I brought several pairs of running socks and tech shirts that I could wear throughout the week while touring and then re-wear them for a run.  I brought a pair of my running shoes to wear around while we were touring.

That has become my travel strategy for recent travel where I want to run.  Wear a tech shirt on the travel day or one of the first days so that I can re-wear it for a run later in the week. Running gear doesn’t have to take up a lot of space which is super-nice.   When we went up with Christy’s family to a cabin over the 4th of July I was bringing my swimsuit already since it was on a lake and so I threw in my goggles, though I never went for a training swim.

I think the Garmin is important when you are travelling for two important reasons – 1) it gives you accurate distance and time information (and stores it for you until you are able to log it), and 2) if you get lost in unfamiliar territory it can help you get back home!

When travelling, pack light and don’t be afraid to wash your clothes in the shower/sink and re-use them (or at least get the stink out).

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