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Time is an interesting word. In some respects it is just an artificial construct that we’ve created to add order to our day. We can waste time, that is easy. We can be productive and task oriented or less productive. You thought I was going to stick my foot in my mouth and say people oriented.

Where does time go?? We all have the same amount of it, but yet we accomplish different amounts of things with our 24 hours. Where does it go? I’ve found with kids it is hard to control your time, especially your productive time. My body wakes up at 5:30 and I’m wide awake and hit a midafternoon slump and then feel awake again in the evening.  What do I do with my most productive times? What do you do? I can’t really do my work since I’m hourly and have to be on site. I do probably squander a fair amount of time…

I have found that I have less mental energy at the end of the day and that I’d rather watch a tv show than read a book. Am I squandering my future? What about the rabbit trail of Facebook or other social media…

All things in moderation correct?

Clearing the Mind While Running

Physical Training on Exercise Jordan Express

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Got a problem that needs solved, go for a run.  When I was in shape and running on a regular basis I could feel the difference if I skipped a workout.  Not only did my body feel different, but my mind didn’t seem as sharp.  Now that I’m out of shape I don’t feel that same weirdness when I don’t run, but oh when I do workout my mind and body feel so much better.

A recent example, I was struggling to figure what to write about for my upcoming blog post on the YNPN-TC blog.  Those posts have to be high quality and relevant to young non-profit professionals (unlike my sometimes randomness here).  My last three posts were about Nonprofit Cross-training, Take a Leap: Tips for Changing Your Career, and Strengthening Your Work and Reputation During Times of Change.  What should I write about next?

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with my various commitments and the workloads related to them.  On a recent run my mind wandered and started thinking about my blog post and then later about feeling overwhelmed and then BAM!  Information Overload (read my post and get some tips).  I get too many e-mails, am subscribed to too many RSS feeds, too many Facebook and Twitter friends, etc.  If I could figure out a way to clean some of that up, I’d feel like I had more mental space.

The blog post is forthcoming, but going out for a run helped clarify the idea.  I think working out is a great time to clear your mind and to solve problems that are happening in your life.  I don’t think you’ll want to say, I’m running 3 miles today and by the end of the run I’m going to solve X problem.  But it might work for larger issues.  Think back to the series I did on the Sacred Art of Running and Warren Kay’s ideas about contemplation and meditation.  He talks about using mantra’s to seed or focus our mind. I think if you are dealing with a big issue your subconscious will bring it to top of mind and you’ll think about it during the run.

Do you have a story about how working out solved a problem?  What other mental benefits do you see from running?

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Metrodome Loop 5k Route

The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapoli...

The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s your “home” route? Which route do you run/ride the most?

I have a 5k triangle that I run probably at least once a week. It isn’t very exciting but it makes for a nice distance recovery run and since its so familiar I don’t have to think much about it. I call it the Metrodome Loop because the Metrodome is at the apex of the triangle.  About 2/3 of the run is on sidewalks with the final side being run on the Hiawatha LRT trail.

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3 Obstacles to Overcome

Best foot forward
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It is cold and dark.  Do I really want to roll out of bed and workout? Most days I force myself to get up and out the door.  It is hard though.  The alarm goes off at 5:15 and I have almost no margin of error with timing to get my workout done and be home before Christy leaves for work.  We can’t leave little Nadia alone  now can we?

There are probably a million reasons to not workout.  The three biggest obstacles facing me each day as I train for Buffalo are time, motivation, and my foot/leg.


Nadia and I have to be on the bus at 7:17AM to get her to daycare and me to work on time.  We arrive home between 5:15 and 6:15pm depending on the day of the week and assuming I don’t have any other meetings or events to go to.  Nadia rides in a backpack and on a normal day we walk 2.25 miles to and from the bus stops. Christy gets home between 5:30 and 6:30 depending on the day.  We are just starting to get more daylight on both ends of my day.   Depending on the morning Christy leaves at either 6 or 7am.

We worked out a solution that on the mornings she works at 7am I am able to go to the pool or on a run.  But that means getting up at 5:15 and not hitting the snooze button.  This makes for some long days.  To get 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis this would mean going to bed around 9pm.  This doesn’t happen very often and so after several days I’m exhausted.  So maybe the barrier to overcome is sleep.  I need more sleep and then I’ll find more time.


As noted above it is hard to get up at 5:15.  Maybe it is a lack of sleep that is pulling me down and not a lack of motivation.  At 5:16 in the morning it is hard to think about hitting the trainer or getting dressed for the gym or an outdoor run.  Hitting the snooze is so much easier.  How can I overcome this lack of motivation at 5:15?? I’m following a training plan with a goal in sight.  Does the biggest factor hark back to sleep?


My left leg and foot still have pain over half the time.  Not usually while working out, but later in the day or the next.  Usually rolling them out will relieve the ache for most of the day, but by evening time my foot usually hurts again.  I’ve decided to train through it and persevere.

I would say these are the three obstacles that I’m working to overcome.  What obstacles are impacting your training? Any tips for me?

Vaseline Your Feet

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Right before my first marathon, I was given some excellent advice – rub Vaseline all of your feet before putting shoes and socks on.  This sounded a little funny, but made sense.  The Vaseline creates a nice protective layer over your feet that helps prevent them from getting blisters.

It feels really funny both as you put it on and then after you are done running.  I did it for both of my marathons and am quite proud to report that I didn’t get any blisters on my feet!

Three important thoughts:

1) Make sure you cover your entire foot, including in between your toes.

2) You should still wear quality running socks.

3) Put your socks on immediately after you put the Vaseline on. Vaseline will collect dust, lint, etc from your floor and you could have a serious issue if a small speck rubs your foot for 26.2 miles.

What have you done to prevent blisters on your feet?

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