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04142018 – Run

I put the pictures in the post and then never came back to do my write up. Oops.  This was my 5 mile time trial. We had fresh snow, but I got out before the blizzard really came down!  Overall run was 7 miles in 1:13:02.

My 5 mile time trial was in 51:30 so 10:18 on snowy trails!

04212018 – Run

Today was actually the 2×2 mild time trial I accidentally did 2 weeks ago! This morning was nice… 36f and sunny so another shorts run! Soon it will be tshirt running weather! 

There is still quite a bit of snow in the shaded areas, so I opted for another pavement rum. I did mix it up by running to and through Sochacki Park. The paved trail was mostly clear with a few patches of ice and some places that were snow covered across the trail. I’ve ran here before, but I think only one other time in the daylight. It is a nice, narrow park to run through.  I had to take a bathroom break during the rest period and then pushed it hard back. 

Total run was 6.46 in 1:00:28.



These were slower than 2 weeks ago, but I think more even time wise. 

04192018 – Run

Afternoon run in the sun while wearing shorts. It felt great to be in the sun and wearing shorts, but I don’t like afternoon running! I was really stiff and I don’t feel like it ever got better throughout the run. 

There was still lots of snow on the ground despite the warm temps. I thought the paved creek trail would be snow free, but it was a wet mess! I got a little creative with the route and ended up finding a nice new paved loop! 

The workout was 6×800 with 2:30 rest between. The total mileage was 6.59 miles in 1:01:45. 







04172018 – Run

Fifteen inches of fresh snow made it a little challenging to run this morning.  I knew the trails would be almost impossible so I set off down the sidewalk, again! Half of the run was on sidewalks and the vast majority of people had shoveled their sidewalks to the clear pavement.  This provided adequate traction.  Maybe one house per block hadn’t been touched and depending on the overall foot traffic of the block determined if it had been packed down or not.  The hardest part was hurdling the snow mountains on either end of the block.  As a corner lot owner myself, I try to make sure that there is at least a small walkway cut out, but not everyone is quite as courteous.  I also think everyone is just tired of shoveling snow!  Victory Memorial Parkway was clear and the last half of the run was pretty smooth sailing.

Overall run was 4.24 miles in 41:45.  Today was 6×400 with 400 meters of rest in between.  This is a change from the time to a distance, so I tried to keep myself moving during the rest so it wasn’t too long.  Here are the splits:







04122018 – Run

The workout this morning was 5x800m.  The trails were a mixture of icy and mud.  I swear my phone updated and said that it was 40 degrees so I opted for shorts.  I realized pretty quickly that it was actually colder as the sidewalks had a thin layer of ice from the snow melt. But it didn’t feel too cold. By the time I got home my legs were just starting to get cold.  It was hard to know where the icy parts were since the run started before 5am and it was pitch black.  The headlamp doesn’t really provide good depth perception or awareness of puddles!  Once I got into the woods it was more about a thin layer of ice on the remaining snow pack or areas of mud.

Looking at the splits you can tell when I was on flatter and better surfaces!






The overall run was 4.63 miles in 49:17.