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01032020 – Run

As expected it had rained over night. It was 45 with a chance of rain during my run. I opted for the hiking trails on the other side of Fort Harrison State Park since they aren’t biking trails. They had some flooding along the Fall Creek trail (by the river) and by the Duck Pond. I ran the Fall Creek Trail and then connected to the paved trail Harrison Trace Trail to head back towards the parking lot. I took the cutoff before Delaware Lake and connected to Camp Creek trail. While the Fall Creek is wide with some good amenities (benches and wooden step structures), Camp Creek is narrow single track with only a few bridges over the widest creek crossings. Camp Creek was a fun trail, its on the inside of the Harrison Trace Loop. It didn’t actually rain while I was running so that was nice, though it might have felt cooler. I got to wear shorts and opted for a t-shirt under my rain jacket.

4.14 miles in 45:51. The mile on the paved trail was relatively faster than the tight single track.

01022020 – Run

Saw some deer driving to the trailhead. Easy 4 miler at Fort Harrison State Park. There was no fee today which was nice! I ran the Lawrence Creek trail and added in the GC smaller loop to add miles. The trail was mostly dry with some wet sections. If I had started at the other trail head I probably wouldn’t have ran it.

It was in the upper 30’s and getting warmer as I ran. I felt my quads still from the other day.

4 miles in 50:22

12012019 – Run & Swim

An easy snowy run to start the month off. We’ve gotten a mixture of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and more snow in the past few days. It was snowing lightly when I left. It’s hard to figure out running routes in the winter dur to the ski trails. This route should work and had a good portion of paved and plowed trails with some fresh powder. Running on the train tracks wasn’t actually bad since there was so much snow!3.4 miles 35:32 32f and windy with snow falling.

In the afternoon we took the kids to Lifetime for their swim assessment to see how they fit into Lifetimes scheme of swim lessons. They are 501 and 301. While that was happening I did a quick swim.

I did 2 x 400 with about 90 seconds of rest between. They were each around 7 minutes. The first a little under and the second a little over.

After we played in the water for a little bit.

11022019 – Run

A light dusting of snow and cold air made for a nice fall run today!! I took it easy and was trying to loosen up my body a little bit from 20.4 workout yesterday.  It was also nice to get out in the colder weather without needing a ton of clothing.  I work my wind jacket and shin length tights and was perfect!  I took some cool pictures along the way as the dusting of snow helped accentuate some of the fall colors that were still around.  3.15 miles in 31 minutes.

10192019 – Run

A nice fall run with the leaves mostly still on the trees. It was raining when I started and about 50 degrees. The rain wasn’t heavy, barely getting through the trees.

I ran around Wirth and my legs felt sore and heavy from yesterday’s workouts. I tried nasal breathing but I have been sick with sinus stuff so I wasn’t too surprised by that.

3.5 miles in 39 minutes.