01032020 – Run

As expected it had rained over night. It was 45 with a chance of rain during my run. I opted for the hiking trails on the other side of Fort Harrison State Park since they aren’t biking trails. They had some flooding along the Fall Creek trail (by the river) and by the Duck Pond. I ran the Fall Creek Trail and then connected to the paved trail Harrison Trace Trail to head back towards the parking lot. I took the cutoff before Delaware Lake and connected to Camp Creek trail. While the Fall Creek is wide with some good amenities (benches and wooden step structures), Camp Creek is narrow single track with only a few bridges over the widest creek crossings. Camp Creek was a fun trail, its on the inside of the Harrison Trace Loop. It didn’t actually rain while I was running so that was nice, though it might have felt cooler. I got to wear shorts and opted for a t-shirt under my rain jacket.

4.14 miles in 45:51. The mile on the paved trail was relatively faster than the tight single track.

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