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11102018 – Run

We got a little bit of snow the last couple of days and we’ve had highs below freezing so the Loppet Foundation is starting to make snow.  I’m excited for ski season and got out to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was about 10f with no wind.  As the man made snow area expands I won’t be able to run here any more so I enjoyed the scenery.  There is ice forming on some of the smaller ponds already too.  Some of the downhills were a little slippery and I slid down the hill by the staircase.

I did 3.3 miles in 33:24.

11042018 – Run

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go out or not this morning.  It was kind of rainy and cold (36 with a “wintry mix”).  I ended up getting out and had a nice mind clearing run.  The wintry mix was a light off and on rain that I didn’t really feel in the woods. I ran a perimeter route around Wirth and didn’t really see anything exciting. My legs felt some of the hills and my body didn’t want me to force it to work too hard on anything, so I just kept running along at a somewhat easy pace.

I ended up with 4.5 miles in 44:41.

10142018 – Run

It was a chilly morning and my phone said it was snowing, even though it hadn’t started yet.  Shorts were a little chilly, but I’m not quite ready to not wear them.  With the Loopet Loppet in less than a week, I wasn’t planning to go too long or hard.  I did a regular loop and with the Area 36 loop.  It was 5.5 miles in 54:19.  By the end of the run it was starting to flurry.

10072018 – Run

I got up hit the trails on this cooler morning.  It was still dark out at 6:30am which isn’t super fun. I just did the longer perimeter loop and I was going to tack on some of the event trails, but they were closed.  When I got to my sunrise spot the sun either hadn’t come up yet or was too foggy/cloudy to see it.

I did 5.2 miles in 50:45.

09292018 – Run

It was the first chilly morning of fall.  We didn’t actually freeze or frost over night, but the temp was 38f when I left the house.  That’s cold enough for gloves, a second layer shirt, and I wore ear band which might have been overkill.

At this point I’m just trying to get some miles in before the Loopet Loppet in a few weeks.  I don’t have a specific training plan and I feel like I’m recovered from the marathon.  I have no desire to get up at 4:30am right now to run so I’m content with a mid length run on the weekend.

I haven’t run at Wirth since the marathon so it was nice to be out on the familiar trails.  It did feel odd to just be running them and not having a specific workout that needed to be done.  I did the main loop I usually run adding in a little more here and there.  When I got back to The Trailhead I hit the Area 36 trails and popped out by the Chalet to come home.

I wasn’t trying to run hard at all and I’m feeling a little sore from some of the CrossFit workouts from earlier in the week. I did 6.4 miles in 1:05.  I almost didn’t see the nice buck that was eating along the southern edge of the park.  I also saw a skunk a little bit later.