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04062019 – Run

Today was the first time trial of the season. A 6K Time Trial that was supposed to be treated as a race. It was a little hard to build it up that way, but I did put out good overall effort. I actually slept in which was really nice! And was able to get the run in between periods of rain. It misted a little bit, but not too bad. It was around 46f. I finally switched my watch to kilometers and set up a 6k interval. I didn’t have a specific course laid out, but thought that I could add bits and pieces here and there to the loop around Wirth lake from home which is approximately a 5k.

After the warm-up I increased my pace and tried to hold it steady. I wandered around a little bit but ended up basically running the same route as yesterday which was my own fault but a little annoying! My overall 6K time was 31:30 which was slower than I thought it would be but I’ll take it and build from here. This was 8:27 per mile average.

Overall distance was 5.09 miles in 47:41.

04052019 – Run

On tap today was yesterday’s missed long interval workout. I struggled with what workout to do, but opted for this as I know the progression will be more intervals. It was 4×800 at 6K pace with 3 minutes of rest between. I ran into Wirth again, but stayed on the paved trails as much as possible so that I wouldn’t get stuck in the mud! It was dark and a little foggy/misty and about 36f.

The splits were:





I like seeing them get faster and also know that terrain played a difference in them a little bit too, the first one was pretty much all uphill in mud. The last one was pretty much flat pavement! I felt good and didn’t feel like I was running all out.

Overall 4.95 miles in 49:36.

03292019 – Run

A good way to start Spring Break is by going on a run! It was sunny and about 50 so it was also great to run in shorts!

Pretty muddy and still snow in places. Really should give the trails some more time to dry as it was hard to go up some of the mudiest hills! A rogue biker had been on the small section by 55 and rutted the whole thing.

Amber loved it though.

4.5 miles in 46:13

03022019 – Run and Ski

With 6 more inches of fresh snow, I didn’t want to be the first bike on the trails again so I opted for a run. Normally I’d run on the sidewalks and do a boring loop in the city, but this morning I went more adventurous and headed towards the trails. I figured rightly that I’d find some paths that were more packed down, but I guess wrong that the ski trails wouldn’t be groomed yet. So at times I ran in snow that was knee deep and some harder packed snow on the edge of the groomed trails.  Running back on the paved trails was a little bit better, but they hadn’t been plowed yet either. Since I had a little time and the trails were groomed I ran home and grabbed my skis. I walked back to the natural snow and started skiing.  The snow was a little soft and wasn’t easy to move on.  So I did a short loop and then headed over to the man made stuff. It was better, but they were getting ready for a race so I didn’t ski too much. I ended at the Drevil’s Drop and walked home. 

3 miles running

2.4 miles skiing

I invited my Ohio family up for a picnic… they didn’t seem too interested.