06082019 – Bike

We decided to spend a good part of Saturday riding the trails at Cuyuna as a family.  This was Christy and Nadia’s first time mountain biking.  Neither of them have mountain bikes, so we rented some Salsa Timberjacks from Red Raven bike shop. I will admit I was a little jealous of their super nice bikes!!  Christy loved the thrill of riding the trails! Nadia really liked her bike but not the trails as much.  We rode some of the Yawkey unit and then after I double flatted stopped back at Red Raven for lunch and for them to look at my wheel as both flats were at the stem.  They were great and then we went to the Rally Center and rode circles on their skills track!  Both kids really liked it!   It was a great day to be out  –  a little on the warm side though.  I ended up with at least 5 miles and maybe more with all the loops of the skills track!!  I did ride one new section for me – the Trout loop around Yawkey.

In the later afternoon we went to packet pick-up and the kids did their mini-triathlon.  It was 3/4 mile bike – 1/2 mile run – and using the slide at the indoor pool! The kids had fun doing that and playing in the pool was a fun way for them to end the day!

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