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07092018 – CrossFit & Biking

I got up and headed to Solcana to begin our new 9 week cycle.  Monday will be Sumo Deadlift Day! I have only done them one other time, but have seen the coaches talk about them with other athletes as a way of adapting the Deadlift.

We had a pretty long warm-up before the 3×7 Sumo Deadlift.  The idea was 65% of a traditional deadlift as a starting point. I opted to do my sets with 135# on the bar.  That felt heavy, but not super heavy. It is definitely a different movement than the traditional deadlift and I felt it more in my quads than hamstrings.

The MetCon was a doozy.  The Platinum was Chelsea, instead of Chelsea’s EMOM, I opted for 10 Rounds of Cindy with a 15 minute time cap.  I didn’t make it very far.  Cindy is three movements: 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups and 15 air squats.  That seems relatively easy, right? When you look at needing to do that 10 times it becomes more of a challenge! Given the time cap I didn’t make it through.  I did almost all of the pull-ups as kipping, but only completed 1 round of the push-ups from the floor.  I knew that there would be no way I’d complete all the push-ups so instead of going to failure I switched.  The pull-ups were obviously getting harder and a few times I finished my last 2 or 3 as jumping pull-ups on a shorter bar, but that only happened a couple of times. My counter said that I only completed 6 rounds and 16 reps in 15 minutes.

That was a solid day at the gym!  A few hours later I had a meeting in a part of town that would be easier to bike to than to find parking at.  So I biked 3 miles there and then took a longer and more fun route home and hit 2 sections of Wirth Mountain Bike trails with my Motobecane.  The Motobecane is technically a CX bike and I’ve used it a few times on the Glenwood sections of the trail and that hasn’t been a problem.  The other section I tried was the Bog section and for the most part that was ok.  I had some trouble on a few of the steeper uphills and I didn’t feel super comfortable on some of the steeper flowy downhills.  I probably won’t do that section again, or at least not at the end of a ride!  That was 7.58 miles.

So a total of 10.5 miles of biking after a CrossFit workout.

07022018 – Canoe & Mountain Bike

As a big group we took out 3 canoes and 3 kid’s kayak’s and paddled through 3 different lakes.  We ended up finding an amazing sandy saddle that we played at for a few hours.  It had a rope swing and was a great place to play and eat our lunch. We took a short cut back to the cars, but it was a delightful way to spend the morning.

When we got back Joe and I had a window to go for another ride. We probably should have driven over to the Rally Center to get more time on the main section of trails, but we still had a great ride.  We rode from the campground on Drag Line, to the new Switchback Trail and then onto Easy Street near the Rally Center. As this was my second time through it felt a little easier and it helped having Joe in front of me too!  I had 8 segment PR’s for the whole ride! We didn’t have quite enough time to hit all the trails in this unit but we went up a few of them including Mucker Mountain and Sand Hog. I got to ride on some new to me segments of Easy Street/Sidewinder that I bypassed the previous day. We then headed back to the campground and took a quick dip in the lake to cool off.  It was a great day for riding and canoeing!   Our ride was just over 10 miles.


06302018 – Mountain Bike

On Saturday after some quality time with the families playing around and doing some paddling Joe and I were able get a ride in.  We opted for the Yawkey Unit so we rode the Drag Line to get there and the Haul Road to get into the trails.  We did Man Cage, Manuel, Skip, and Grizzly before heading back on Haul Road and taking the Man High option before ending up at the campground.

I think Yawkey is some of the best trails in the group.  We did Skip twice before coming back down and doing the whole loop a second time.  I can’t really describe it, but you end up at the top of a mountain in a pine forest  (see top picture) with some pump track on some narrow turns and cliff edges!  Manuel is a hard climb but totally worth it!

Total ride was 9.5 miles.

06292018 – Mountain Bike

We are camping with friends in Cuyuna Country State Recreation area, which means that we’ll be getting some great mountain biking in! Since we needed two cars, I was able to leave before the family and get some riding in.

We were there two years ago and that was my introduction to mountain biking.  I didn’t ride a lot of trails that weekend, but this weekend I hope to get quite a bit in.  Today was a good start for that. They have recently opened a bunch of new trails and basically you ride out on some “easy” trails before having options on they way back to the trailhead of staying on the easy or progressing to the harder stuff.  For the most part the harder stuff has a lot of climbing or some steep switchbacks – there are a few more technical side trails or sections that you can bypass as needed.

For the first ride I rode out on Easy Street and then took Mucker Mountain,  Sand Hog Mountain, Hopper Hill, Low Grade, Trammer, Roly Poly, Miners Mountain, Crusher, some Sidewinder, back to the Rally Center and then Switchback (plus the new return trail) to the road and back.   That ended up being almost 13.5 miles.

After lunch at Red Raven (which had an excellent Reuben), I went and setup our campsite.  I was the first one of our group so I had my choice.  Once everything was setup, I realized I had time to do another ride.  So I hopped back on the bike and left from the campground and rode the Drag Line and Haul Road.  It was in the 90’s so it was hard to stay up on hydration.  There are some cool Yurts off Haul Road that had nice cool water! Haul Road and Drag Line make a nice easy loop so that’s what I did.  I decided not to hit Man High or Man Cage yet! When I got back to the campground some friends were there and taking a cool-off dip in the lake so I joined them!  My second ride was about 7 miles.

06232018 – Bike

I started out on my mountain bike and hit the Classic Theo loop, before I got a flat tire.  Ugh.. in the same spot (at the bottom of the stem). NBD, I had a spare so I changed the tube and guess what… I had a presta hand pump and not a shrader one.  Ugh.  A few rider had passed while I was working on it and they checked on me, but I thought I was good. Not another walk out of the trails. This is the third tube that’s popped there,  Before inserting the new one scraped out the hole with my multi-tool but I didn’t actually see anything that might be causing the problem.  I didn’t see any other riders. So I rode 2.2 miles and hike a biked about a mile!

When I got home everyone was still sleeping so I decided to switch bikes and went for a quick ride on my Motobecane. I’ve taken it a few times on the mountain bike trails between Glenwood and 55 so I did that again.  It still has CX tires on it so it handles the dirt just fine and that section is mostly just riding up the hill and flowing down with a few pump track parts.  Perfect for my bike! I rode around Cedar Lake and to the Mississippi River before heading home.  Total miles for this ride were 10.5 in 48:58.