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12212019 – Bike

Joe and I took the fat bikes out in the dark am! We rode 45 North, Condrum, and the Back 40 for a total of 7.5 miles. It was about 20f and the trails were in great shape for riding. We only saw a handful of other riders and when we stopped it was nearly quiet. A great morning to ride!

09152019 – Bike

Went out for a mountain bike ride this morning. Decided to take the Mukluk out for a change of pace. It kept pulling a little to one side which made riding single track a little less than ideal, so I’m going to need to get that looked at. It was a cool morning, but actually quite humid. I wore long sleeves, but didn’t need to. I had to take my glasses off because they kept fogging up. You can see in the pictures the slight fog.  Only the Loppet trails were open, so I rode all 3 sections. Overall the trails were tacky, but a few muddy spots and I ended with quite a bit of mud splatter!

Total was 6 miles in 53 minutes!

06292019 – Bike

I took my Mukluk out today to explore the trails. I’ve only ridden it in the winter so I wanted to see how it felt on the dirt. Overall it is a newer and nicer bike than my old Giant Iguana, but it is still a fat tire bike.  It is heavier and didn’t go up the hills quite as quick, but once its moving it like to keep moving! I did Area 36, 45 North and the two MORC sections North of Glenwood.  The North Loop was too wet to ride.   Of the 17 Strava segments I had achievements on 11 of them. 3 of which were PR’s! So that’s pretty impressive for the fattie!

Overall 8.74 miles in 1:04.

06202019 – Bike

My sister and her boyfriend came up for a little visit. We wanted to get a mountain bike ride in, so looking at the weather this morning was our only option! He brought his mountain bike and my sister’s bike could work if it had wider tires. This would be her first mountain bike experience so it was a much better choice for her to use my Mukluk instead.  She loved it!!

We rode all the Loppet trails, starting with Conundrum and 45 North first before doing Area 36. The signage on 45 North was a little confusing so we took the early exit – the new section might have been open but it wasn’t clear. We finished by doing the North Loop. My sister enjoyed all the sections and the different challenges that each one brought. We didn’t really talk about any of the obstacles but she did them pretty well for a newbie.

She also really enjoyed riding the Mukluk.  It might have been a little high for her and the tire pressure was a little high too I think but she loved the security of the wide tires and feeling like she could roll over everything! After about 90 minutes we decided to be done for the day. It was tempting to keep riding, but probably a good choice to be done before everyone was beat!

About 9 miles of riding.

These pictures are at the turn around point for 45 North.

06182019 – Bike

Took out the fat bike with my daughter on a borrowed bike to see if she’d like it. She wasn’t happy about the whole thing. She fell pretty early on going around a turn and the handlebar got her on the leg. It was a slow loop of Karate Monkey. Total ride was 1.4 miles. On a happier note, I saw a former student who is leading Loppet Trail Kids summer camp groups!