Twin Cities Marathon Course Preview

The entire course in 2.62 minutes.

Here is how the producer described the video at YouTube:

Here is a preview of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon course. Music by Blue Man Group – Drumbone. (The last 10K or so of the vid, from the river crossover on – is better quality. Had to tape it in two sections as my vid cam battery hit the wall at around Mile 19!)

If the video didn’t make you a little dizzy and maybe a little sick, well I’m not sure what would! That is definitely a humerous look at the course.  At this point my training group has made sure that we have run pretty much the entire course.  I think the only part we haven’t run is the first mile to mile and a half leaving downtown Minneapolis.

At one point they even made us get off the trails and run on the roads so we could experience the hills that the road threw at us but the trails didn’t.  Today I feel confident that while it will be tough my training has prepared me to run a solid marathon – maybe not in 2.62 minutes, but definietly at my goal of 3:10.

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