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Photos From Twin Cities Marathon Weekend

The kids participated in the annual Toddler Trot!

Caleb attempted his first race and made it maybe 10 feet on his own.  He was a little tired and tried to curl up for a nap when he fell down! So I carried him across the line!

Nadia on the other hand, was a professional and did a superb job.  I lined up with her and when they said “Go” she was off on her own.  I quickly walked around the outside to get her at the finish line. She was standing around in the middle of the sea of people contently waiting and looking for me!  We then picked up her hardware and found Felix and celebrated 3 athletes bringing home the medals!!


Before and after! Nadia ran the race by herself like a big kid! Caleb didn’t really run very far! @twincitiesinmotion

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On Marathon morning, I definitely felt a little weird not running, but loaded the kids up and headed to Mile 16 to cheer on the runners! I saw everyone I was hoping to see except for one friend, but if you turn around for a second you can easily miss someone!


Ready to cheer! #tcmarathon

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We arrived a little early and saw some of the wheelers and the elite crews. Lead men:


Lead pack through 16 #tcmarathon

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The winning man is wearing the Orange jersey.  Tyler Pennel won in his marathon debut with  a time of 2:13:32. Lead women:


Women’s leaders through 16 #tcmarathon

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These two women took 2nd (on right Heather Lieberg 2:34:08) and 3rd  (on the left Brianne Nelson 2:34:22) place overall. The eventual winner Esther Erb (2:34:00) was about 50 seconds behind them at the half way mark and about 30 seconds behind them at them at the 30k mark (18.6 miles). Lieberg and Nelson ran almost identical splits until the 24 mile mark (last split taken) and Erb was still 10 seconds behind them at the 24 mile mark.  That would have been a great finish to watch!

Stephen was competing in the inagural TC Ultra Looney Challenge (10k & 5k Saturday and Marathon on Sunday). He got 3rd overall for the Looney and was the 2nd Team World Vision runner that went by us.


Nice job on the ultra looney! #tclooney #teamworldvision #tcmarathon

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I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but here is a good mid-pack shot of some Team World Vision runners:


Go #teamworldvision runners rockin the day for clean water! #tcmarathon

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And the kids got a little tired with all the spectating! Thank Emily for helping entertain Nadia!


Spectating is hard work! #tcmarathon

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Last year I took the time to list a bunch of pictures I liked on Instagram. That took a lot of work. Check out the #tcmarathon tag to see some cool shots! It was another perfect day for a marathon!

Instagram a Marathon #tcmarathon

Last Sunday was a beautiful day for running a 10 mile race or Marathon.  After the 10 mile I didn’t go back out to watch the marathon, but I did find some amazing pictures via Instagram’s hashtag #tcmarathon.  I can’t figure out a way to search via the computer so I can’t create a link, but there were over 2,000 pictures posted throughout the day!!

I didn’t look at all of them, but here are a few of the best that I saw:

Finish Line:

Cheer Signs:



Local photographer Ben Garvin captured some amazing finish line shots that have been making the rounds.

Vaseline Your Feet

English: Vaseline Logo

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Right before my first marathon, I was given some excellent advice – rub Vaseline all of your feet before putting shoes and socks on.  This sounded a little funny, but made sense.  The Vaseline creates a nice protective layer over your feet that helps prevent them from getting blisters.

It feels really funny both as you put it on and then after you are done running.  I did it for both of my marathons and am quite proud to report that I didn’t get any blisters on my feet!

Three important thoughts:

1) Make sure you cover your entire foot, including in between your toes.

2) You should still wear quality running socks.

3) Put your socks on immediately after you put the Vaseline on. Vaseline will collect dust, lint, etc from your floor and you could have a serious issue if a small speck rubs your foot for 26.2 miles.

What have you done to prevent blisters on your feet?

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