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Foto Friday

One of my best friends just climbed Mount Kilimanjaro while visiting Tanzania on a World Vision trip.

He recently through hiked the Appalachian Trail while raising money for World Vision.

July 2011

His post on Facebook read:

Top of Kilimanjaro, Highest point in Africa. 19,340 ft. It was cloudy. Couldn’t see a thing. Therefore, I’ll probably be doing it again at some point. I hope you’ll join me now that I know the way 🙂

Advice – Best/Worst

The Daily Mission the other day was:

What’s the best piece of fitness advice you’ve heard? On the contrary, what’s the worst?

The Best:

Have fun with the run.  Through high school, college, and all the years since I’ve probably heard thousands of pieces of advice – stretch this way, do this, run these workouts, and on and on.  But I think the most important piece of advice is to just have fun.  My best running occurs when I’m having fun doing it.  Yes, all the other stuff is important to be a successful runner – but if I’m not having fun it becomes too much like work and then no one is happy.

The Worst:

This one is harder.  I’ve had some great coaches through the years and some very experienced running buddies.  Run every day.  I’m not sure if anyone has actually told me that I needed to run every day to be in good shape or to be a runner, but I know plenty of people who do/did.  One of the female runners in college ran every day and pretty much ruined her body.  Our bodies need some time to relax and rebuild themselves.  Some of the research shows that these rest days are almost as important as other workouts.  This year I’ve still been taking at least 1 day off from “working out” but I’m running less due to triathlon training.

Weekly Report

It was a busy week, but I got some good workouts in.  Did I mention it was hot? We had heat indexes over or near 100 Mon-Weds hitting a record of 120.  Fortunately the school I’m working at has air conditioning, well until it broke.  We did survive, even though we had to cancel all of our outdoor activities and could only use the gym for short periods of time (it isn’t cooled).  I was able to fight to keep my bike class from having to cancel our rides, so we took 45-90 minute bike rides around the Mississippi River stopping frequently for water and to relax. Whenever we stopped it actually felt hotter without the breeze, but it was a good way to get some easy seat time on the bike.  I also decided to raise my bike seat on the commuter  bike and it is a lot more comfortable ride now.

I skipped my Tuesday run due to the heat – it didn’t seem smart to over exert myself when I knew I’d be out riding for awhile in the heat. The bike commutes weren’t fun.  I had a meeting on Tuesday after work and had to take Nadia with me. Usually we’d bike back to the meeting, but opted to take the city bus instead – good choice!

The weather over the weekend was amazing and on Sunday morning I was able to ride 18 miles with the temps in the mid-60’s!! It felt oh so good to zip up the bike jersey for the first few miles!

Bike: 102 mi


Run: 12.1 mi


Swim: 0.4 mi


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Selected – TC10 Mile

Dear Nick Cross:

Congratulations! You have been chosen in the lottery and are officially registered for the 13th annual Medtronic TC 10 Mile on October 2, 2011. We are looking forward to another spectacular day in the Twin Cities.

If you haven’t already, you’ll receive an additional email from, our registration provider, with your credit card charges.

We want your experience to be enjoyable and memorable. Please read the following important information:

Race Day, Sunday, October 2
Start at 7:08 a.m.
Click here for additional specific race information including a course map.

States – #dailymission

The Daily Mile has a feature called Daily Mission where you are given some type of prompt and you respond.  They’ve had some good ones recently.  I’m going to see about responding to those prompts here.

One over the weekend was “How many states (countries for non-US dailymilers) have you competed in for events?”

Like most people, I responded with a list of the states:

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey, Arkansas, Georgia, Wyoming

I don’t remember all of the actual race names and dates, but a lot of the races were from my college days and I may have missed a couple!

I grew up in Ohio so did all of my junior high and high school track meets in Ohio, along with a half-marathon, and duathlon.  I’ve not live much of my adult life there so I didn’t really compete much since high school.  Going to college in Indiana I did a lot of cross-country and track meets around the state.  And living there for several years after grad-school I did a ton of races.  At least 2 years worth of the Anderson Road Runners Circuit and the DINO Trail Series, plus numerous other random races. I even was race director for 2 5k’s.  In college we also traveled to Illinois for meets and ran at the Emory Invitational every year which is in Atlanta, Georgia. We also raced at the Kenosha, Wisconsin national race course and much of the Ragnar Relay is in Wisconsin. I went to Grad School in New Jersey and did a few races while I was there including a duathlon (I did a lot of training on a boardwalk next to the Atlantic Ocean).  While I was there I never went up to New York City because their races were so expensive!  One summer I worked in Yellowstone National Park and did a race in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – basically straight up a mountain!  I went with a group of friends and ran a half marathon in Arkansas one year, that was my first post-college race that involved real travel.   Finally, moving to Minnesota, I’ve knocked off quite a few races, including my first Marathon!

What about you?

Weekly Report

Earlier this year I created a triathlon training program for Square Lake this fall – my “A” race for the year.  I wanted to build up my running miles so that I’d still be able to run a variety of races throughout the year, but also be in shape for the tri.  So I chose an Olympic distance training program with a focus on running.  BAD MOVE!

It was too much, way too much.  So this week I started a new plan that I created on BT that was setup for the exact distances of Square Lake and did a more balanced approach 2 bikes, 2 swims, and 3 runs and much more manageable time commitment. So 2 weeks in it is going pretty good.  Here are the stats from Running Ahead:

Bike: 89.4 mi

Run: 13.5 mi

Swim: 0.6 mi

YIKES! 89 miles of biking could be why my legs feel a little burnt.  Only one of those was an actual “training ride” on my Trek, the rest were commuting and riding to places.  Since I’m only training for a 5 mile run don’t expect super high running mileage, which is actually a little hard for me to accept.  It seems like it should be at least in the 25-30 mile range.  With the swim, I only did 1 of the 2 workouts.  I was waiting to hear back on doing an open water swim over the weekend but that fell through.   But still 103 miles of total training is pretty good – it will be getting a little higher in the next 2 weeks probably as the training distances increase and then will drop off suddenly in August when I’m no longer commuting.

Dailymile only said this week was “super” which is disappointing after last week’s “epic” week.

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