Testing the Knee

First Run Back
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I finally took the knee out for a test run.  I’ll rate it a B-.  It didn’t really hurt on a 3.4 mile run at the flat part of Lebanon Hills.  I figured an easy run on trails would be a good test back for it.  A friend, who happens to be the Twin Cities Team World Vision rep is hosting training runs for TWV teams throughout the metro and was going to the Lebanon Hills run so I went with him.   It was 53 and raining, so a great day for a run!  We went pretty slow, which was fine for a first run back after 5 weeks off.  It never really hurt, but I could feel that my knee wasn’t perfect.  I finished the run and everything was fine, my Plantar Fasciitis foot didn’t hurt really at all either.  I stretched a little bit and jumped in Schulze Lake (up to the knee) to ice.  Later in the day it hurt a little and appeared to have a little swelling so I iced and took some Advil.  It was fine on Sunday morning.

My foot has had only a little bit of pain the last few days.  It seems at the end of the day is really the only time it hurts now, which is progress.  The pain is really mild too so that is good!   I’ll probably wait at least another week or so before running again.

I biked 4 times over the week and that has continued to feel fine.  It is a great feeling to bike to and from work.  Some of the biking also included rain, which wasn’t quite as fun but is par for the course.  I’m trying to bike commute as much as possible – more for the exercise and saving money than saving the earth!  Actually though I did bike on Earth Day and I wouldn’t mind keeping the Earth around for awhile longer!

On Saturday after the training run we went and watched some of the Get in Gear races.  It was fun to watch the back of the 5k and 10k groups and also to see the half-marathon leaders finish.  I didn’t get to see any of my friends finish, but via Twitter I was able to encourage some runners to get out despite the rain (and early morning thunder).

It was a fairly busy week with some long hours for both of us.  Christy and I checked out a cafe in Nordeast and loved it, Mill City Cafe. It is one of many cute little neighborhood places.

How was your week?

This week’s One Post has to be my Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis even though I have an updated version.

Weekly Mileage –

Running – 3.4 miles

Biking – 25.8 miles

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