National Running Day – So What

Who cares that today is National Running Day? Most runners run every day or every other day.  So why do we need a special day?

National Running Day is a national initiative of the major organizations within the running industry to join forces in an unprecedented unified effort to nationally promote running as a healthy, easy, and accessible form of exercise. The second annual National Running Day will be Wednesday, June 2.

From New York to San Diego, the day will celebrate the benefits of running as part of a healthy and active lifestyle aimed at combating some of today’s most pressing health issues.

You can participate in National Running Day anywhere—you don’t have to be in one of the cities hosting events to take part. At the least, all it takes is to wear your running shoes throughout the day, go for a run, and invite a friend to join you.

So, what do you think? Ready to get out and run?

Do you think it is a wise use of resources for companies to invest in a marketing campaign – that many people have never heard of? Maybe I’m just cynical since I haven’t been able to run (though I’m planning on it tonight).  This seems like a chance for corporations to push their wares on us.

There are 5 running events being hosted tonight in the Twin Cities:

Team in Training is meeting at Lock & Dam #1 at 6:30pm

TCM is hosting events at Marathon Sports, Running Room – Grand Ave, and Lifetime Fitness – Highland Park and St Louis Park at 6pm.

Two Questions

Did you know today was National Running Day?

Does it matter to you?

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