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Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve used a couple programs to analyze my Garmin data. Here is a summary of each.

1) Garmin Training Center – this comes free with your Garmin. No matter what other software you use this is the main interface with the Garmin 205. There are probably ways to get around this, but when I plug the Garmin in this program pops up and it is also the program from which you setup future workouts on the Garmin (you are able to setup simple workouts directly on the unit, but this allows for complex workouts!)

2) SportsTrack – this was a free download. This program provides a lot better mapping and overall features than the GTC. It also provides a variety of maps, it actually calibrates the maps closer to their position, and you can add more details.

3) Motionbased Web Service – this is a free service with additional premium features available. I haven’t used any of the premium features, but they look pretty sweet and maybe a little excessive. But the free version is a little cumbersome, it takes 3 steps to finally get to analyze the data.

Here are screenshots from the three programs for the same run:

Garmin Training Center
SportTracks Motion BasedYou can’t see a lot of detail in the pictures but you get the overall idea. There are some interesting discrepancies in the data, which is based on the programs “smoothing” mechanisms. Here is the data differences:

Garmin SportTracks Motion Based
4.97 Miles 4.97 Miles 4.95 Miles
45:20 Minutes 45:20 minutes 44:58 minutes
+802ft -786ft +485ft -465ft +1,055ft -1,028ft

It looks like the actual altitude differences have the same overall altitude gains, although it makes me feel a lot better looking at the 1,000 ft gain since there were a lot of hills on this route! I’m not sure what is up with the time differences though. Eric from Running Ahead is working on GPS functionality which will be great since I already use that log and could reduce the number of logs I’m using![tags] Garmin, Garmin 205, Forerunner, GPS, Watch [/tags]

Yesterday’s WorkoutWe went to the YWCA to workout this evening after work. I ran on their track (6 laps per mile). I did 3 miles and 5 accelerations, the plan was to run 3 miles, bike for 30 minutes and then do the accelerations, but there weren’t any bikes open at the time. So I’m already off schedule, but my leg hurts and I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately, so I’m gonna take it a little easier. Oh and so you don’t think I’m a wuss for running inside – at 6:44 on Tuesday evening it is -8 with -34 windchill ๐Ÿ™‚ Read this story about the weather!

7 thoughts on “Garmin 205: Software

  1. joe

    Great series on the Garmin, Nick, thanks!! You ought to send the links to Garmin…their marketing folks should be noting what Real People say!

    I still have my big clunky original Garmin. It is a wonderful tool!

    Looks like all the other software could distract you for hours!!!

  2. crossn81 Post author

    Thanks Joe.. that's very kind of you. I will look into sending a link to Garmin. Glad you enjoyed it. I think any Garmin is a valuable tool, glad you do too! Sometimes I get easily distracted by toys and gadgets ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. RunColo

    Cool, I will have to check out Sportstrax. I had been using Motion Based in the past (the free part) but MB is not set up to work with the Garmin 405. I think Garmin is combining MB/Garmin Connect into one.

  4. crossn81

    Motion Based definitely has some nice features but seemed pretty cumbersome to use. I keep waiting for RunningAhead my online training log to finish up adding Garmin functionality. That would be perfect!

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