Garmin 205: Mapping

The Garmin is great for mapping! While you are running it creates a map that can be used to get yourself home – should you get lost! Luckily, I haven’t had to use this feature yet! But I know some people who have and bought the Garmin for that purpose. The “Back to Start” function may come in handy as I continue to explore my new home and local running paths!

There is also a virtual partner (which is actually featured in the picture at right from Garmin). I haven’t used the Virtual Partner yet, but it is commonly used to check your improvement on a given course or to pace you through various workouts.

More importantly, at least for me is the ability to map your runs when you get home! After I synch my Garmin to the computer all my data can be pulled up in a variety of applications. In my short time with my Garmin I’ve used 3 different applications – 2 software and 1 web-based (more tomorrow). These put the GPS map onto a Google map so you can see where you went! I enjoy seeing the map and elevation data in relationship to the area I ran in. One day I may try to spell something with my map.

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Yesterday’s WorkoutI woke up this morning and did a fartlek run. It was a 45 minute run that is “a non-structured workout” but then is defined as” alternate running for 5 minutes at a moderate pace with 1 minute at 5K pace.” Normally I would do something more like a minute hard a minute or two easy and repeat. I followed the instructions and ran 5.3 miles in 42 minutes (oops I finished early). I ran along the Midtown Greenway for the first time. It is a nice place to run without a ton of wind, although it was windy in parts and there were some street crossings, which slowed me down some! It is plowed which was very nice. This morning it was a little warmer before we get slammed again with arctic air.

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