Time to Change the Shoes

After a good 440 miles it is time to lay my old shoes to rest. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7 were a great shoe, it is sad to put these old friends to rest. But not to worry I am wearing a new pair of the same shoe, so you could say they are relatives. I look forward to many more good miles with this new pair, they have done me well so far! I’m not shedding any tears and neither should you. The old pair will still be around for awhile as work/regular shoes. We spend too much money on running shoes for them to just be thrown away with still so much use in them.

Shoes should be changed around 300 – 400 miles or when you begin to see excessive wear and tear on the shoe. I ran mine a little long, but I’m a tight wad and don’t like spending money on new shoes. The long term benefits are huge and the short term ones aren’t too shabby either. My legs feel better with the new shoes. It is also smart to alternate your old and new shoes for a couple of days to help your feet adjust to them.

Some stats on my old running shoes:

Racing miles – 78.47

Easy miles – 287.5

Intervals – 57.31

Other (tempo and hill) – 16.5

Total Running Time – 23:41:47

I started wearing them June 1 and stopped at the beginning on September.

Stats from my Running Log powered by running ahead
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4 thoughts on “Time to Change the Shoes

  1. Blaine Moore

    I rotate my new shoes; I never have less than 2 pairs in rotation, and this summer was rotating between 4 pairs of shoes not including racing shoes.I have 3 pairs right now that are in the 400-500 mile range that are about ready to be retired. I've gotten a couple of pairs of trail shoes over the past month or so, and just got a new pair of mizunos (the first of 4 pairs that I won this summer).1 more month of heavy mileage, and then I get a month off from running! Enjoy the new shoes!

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