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Blocking Annoying Facebook Game Apps

As I see it you have two options when it comes to all those annoying Facebook Game Apps… You can block all your friends that use them or more friendly – you can block the annoying games themselves.

I finally blocked Candy Crush this morning and it felt really good knowing that I won’t see it again!

Here are some instructions based on the current Facebook format:

1) Go the App Center – you can do this two ways a) scroll down your News Feed until you find the App Center link on the left hand side or b) click on an app in the upper-right corner and follow the link to the app page and then app center.


2) Find the app you want to block – you can search for it or it might be listed on the main page.  If you followed a link from the app you should go straight to its page.


3) Click on the app you want to block – I’m choosing Farmville 2 (I already blocked Candy Crush and Farmville).


4) This takes you to the app’s Facebook page.  If you look at the bottom right corner you’ll see a link that says “block”.  Click it!


5) Read the disclaimer and click “Confirm”


6) You should get a box that says “Block Successful.” Click close and enjoy the fresh air your Facebook feed is now breathing!


Not only is your News Feed cleaner, but hopefully your “friendship” is still intact!


If you like this post consider making a donation to World Vision to provide clean water in Africa.

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Running with a Newborn

Running with a newborn in the winter has proven to be a little difficult.  First you have the lack of sleep and continual state of exhaustion.

Then you have the whole timing issue.  I did my first run when she was about 2 weeks old.  My in-laws were hear, Christy was feeding Nadia and on Thanksgiving evening, I just decided to go for a run.  I wasn’t super exhausted and we had extra support.  It was 8pm.   Before Christy went back to work, I could have gotten up in the morning for a run but was tired and 6am was hard enough to get up and get ready for work.  I was able to sneak out on the weekends a little better, but I needed to do my share of the load around here too and that meant letting Christy sleep. Now the alarm goes off around 5am and Christy does her thing and I’m on duty by 6am.  Yuck.  I guess I could get out at 5am, but its been cold.

Yes, the issue is confounded by the Minnesota Winter.  Remember this -15 morning? Not really conducive for pushing the jogging stroller.  Though if it warms up past 30 I might get out there.  Sure we have a wind and waterproof, fleece lined, arctic bundler, but I’m not brave enough to risk having the cops arresting me for child endangerment!

Ah, a perfect solution I thought. Run at the Metrodome. So I asked regular attender @steveinaspeedo if I could bring a jogging stroller.  He found out that I could bring the stroller inside the Dome, but I’d have to leave it at the front table.  I doubted the security guards at the table would take care of Nadia while I ran, so scratch that off the list.

One last chance, our YWCA.  Their baby philosophy can be found here.  And works out for us.

Infants Under 6 Months Old

Children ages 0-6 months are welcome at the YWCA! At 6 months, infants can be added to your family membership; can use the babysitting service and when they get a little older can attend classes with parents! Until that time, there are options for your baby:

  • Workout Next to Baby: Infants can be in car seats on the fitness floor next to parents who are using fitness machines. For safety, we ask that infants are not in the free weight areas.
  • Walk Baby in Climate Control: Stroller walkers are welcomed to walk the Midtown track Mon.- Fri. 5:30 am – 4:00 pm; and Sat-Sun 7:30 am – 12:00 pm. For safety, we ask that infants are not carried on the track in any type of carrier.
  • We’ve done this once and it worked really well.  But you can only do cardio and during peak times only 30 minutes.  So I’ve made it a few times.  A final confounding factor is that we only have one working car!  So it is quite a pain to haul Nadia in her car seat the several blocks to the bus that will take us to the gym.  I need to suck it up and do it!

    Do you have any tips or places we could run together?

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    Twitter Encouragement

    You may recall that the 2010 Get in Gear was held on a rainy (and stormy) morning.  I saw some of my friends on Twitter saying how they were having issues with the rain and running the race.  I wished Jennifer good luck and she asked if I was running.  You can see my response below, but it was in Joe’s response after the race that you can truly see the power of Twitter.  This happens all across the Twitter-sphere with people encouraging each other.  The crazy thing, I’ve never met Joe or Jennifer in real life!

    They both completed the race! Jennifer ran a 33:13 and Joe finished in 49:51.

    Do you have a story about when Twitter provided the extra bit of encouragement you needed to do something?  Follow me and I’ll try to offer encouragement! And you can offer me some!

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    Wii Fit Parody

    I’m not convinced the Wii Fit is a life changing fitness tool, though for some people it can be a step in the right direction.  That said, this is a funny video:


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    Gu Announces 6 New Flavors

    This is great:

    Gu New Flavors Screen Shot

    You probably can’t see it very well so here’s a closer shot and then a copy & paste of the words.

    Gu New Flavor Packaging

    GU Announces New Line of Savory Gels:
    GU Energy Labs, known for their delicious and performance-boosting gels, chews and Brews, is proud to introduce a lip-smacking line of Savory Gels, giving the athlete the “main course” that’s been missing from their racing diet.

    The first of the savory gels, Liver & Onions: “THE Performance Organ Meat,” will be introduced at retail on April 1st, 2010. Later in 2010, the company will roll out six additional items in the savory line, including:

    Limburger Cheesy Squeezy – featuring maximum fermentation
    Lard Dart – with proprietary Fatback Tissue
    Mushroom Rush – boasting both stems and caps
    Pimento Loafer – for the athlete looking for a hint of pickle
    Sassy Sardine – your source for calcium, scales and all
    Venison Vengeance – hits the bullseye and keeps you in the game

    Christian Johnson, GU’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “Our new line of Savories is a veritable smorgasbord of fats, salt, organ meat and impactful scents. It’s the sort of “carving table in a pouch” that serious athletes have been looking for. The performance benefits speak for themselves, but if they just want to use it for dinner, we’re not going to stop them.”

    Happy April Fools.

    – and no in the first screen shot the 71 degrees is not an April Fools Joke.  It was actually 71 at 1pm on April 1st in Minneapolis.

    Thanks to Steve in a Speedo for the heads up on this great new product line via Twitter.

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