May into June 2014 30 Days

The month switched over with some thunderstorms!!  May was a busy month as I spent the first few days in Spain, did a 100 mile bike ride, and backpacked on the Superior Hiking Trail.  I also did some work and hung out with my family!!

The May 30 Day Challenge was to read a poem a day. I’m not 100% sure that I actually read one poem a day, but I did read at least 30 poems.  I downloaded the  Poetry app from the Poetry Foundation which “turns your device into a mobile poetry library.”  It has a spinning feature that lets you pick a poem based on a random theme.  I did fairly good reading from it almost daily –  I wish it had a reminder system.  But upon the death of Maya Angelou I decided to purchase a collection of her poems for my Kindle and read 10-15 of them.  This easily put me over 30 for the month.

I didn’t do a really good job of recording all of my mileage and it was a little challenging to always remember which way I did my commute.  But my May stats are:

Running – 20 miles

Biking – 273 miles

Both of these are quite a bit lower than April.   The running one is particularly embarrassing! I want to keep my biking mileage up while also getting into the training plan for my August 2 half marathon.   Training officially started last week, oops!

June’s 30 Day Challenge is to blog every day.  This is going to be  a hard challenge as I’ve struggled to blog once a week!  There are a bunch of blogging prompts out there in the 30 day format, but no one seems perfect for me.  I think I’ll just pull a few from them and maybe I’ll answer a few of the Question of the Day’s that I use for kids at school.

Additionally, I need to buckle down and do some core work.  I noticed it while backpacking.  I really need to hit it or I’m going to get hurt again.  So I’ll blog every day, try core every other day, and start following the training plan!

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