Foto Friday

Trail running is the best type of running. This was after a 6.5 miler at Hyland Park in Bloomington, MN.
May 2008.

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5 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. J Nielsen

    I know exactly where you were. It's still a bit sloppy on them back woods trails in Hyland. Then to top that off this week they have been doing controlled burning.

  2. crossn81 Post author

    Very interesting. Are you allowed in there when they burn? I enjoyed running there but wouldn't mind staying a little dryer!

  3. joe

    Thanks for asking about the Geist. Yes, there was a good wind on Saturday morning, but it was general, not just coming off the lake. We didn't see the lake all that much, most of the views of the lake came on the bridges. The Very Fancy Homes cut off the view from the roads in most places.

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