What is on the iPod?

If you remember earlier posts, you know that I don’t actually have an iPod but a Sansa e250 MP3 playerwhich I really enjoy. I mentioned that I tend to listen to podcasts instead of music when I run with it, which is only sometimes.

According to Podcast.com

A “podcast” is a buzzword to describe a very simple concept: an audio or video file available on the Internet for you to listen to and/or watch. A podcast can also refer to a series of audio or video files (a podcast show, similar to a TV or radio show), and when using the word podcast most people refer to the entire series and not just one show.

Oversimplified a podcast is an audio version of a blog!

I know I am a geek but thought I’d let you know which podcasts I listen to because some are relevant to running/endurance sports!


Endurance Planet is a podcast of EndurancePlanet.com which covers a different endurance sport related topic each day.

Phedippidations (it took me a while to learn to pronounce it!) is an hour long weekly podcast with a variety of running information and sometimes corny jokes and songs hosted by Steve Runner. This was recently featured in Runner’s World.


Mayor Kevin Smith (Anderson, Indiana) had a weekly radio show before the election season and I listened to the podcast to see what was happening in the city.
ONEcast is a random podcast produced by the ONE campaign. The ONE campaign is trying to raise awareness about international poverty.

Pence’s Podcasts is an other randomly produced podcast featuring highlights from Rep. Pence sometime on the radio and sometimes his speeches from the floor of the US House of Representatives.

Council of Foreign Relations has two podcasts one is from random seminars and the other is random short updates about international political, social, and economic issues.


Anderson University Chapel publishes random chapel services from their bi-weekly schedule.

The Bridge Community Church (my home church) publishes some of the weekly messages.

Christian Community Development Association publishes workshops from their annual conferences.

The Crescent Project publishes a monthly message from their speaking tours or seminars.

Taylor University Chapel Messages (my alma mater) post many of their thrice weekly chapel services.

Vintage 21 Sermons is from an excellent church in North Carolina (very random I know).

Word Made Flesh publishes monthly excerpts from their “Beggars Society” a weekly gathering where they talk about God’s mercy for the poor.

I know I am a geek, my wife definitely thinks so! I would note that this gives me plenty to listen to and think about while I’m running and it really isn’t that much since many of them don’t update on a regular basis. I would recommend each of them for your listening pleasure and information.

What’s on your mp3 player?

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4 thoughts on “What is on the iPod?

  1. Anonymous

    My husband programmed and picked the music for my mp3 player, and every time I listen to it I fall in love with him all over again. Love songs- not exactly something you want to listen to when your doing a speed workout, although not too bad on a long run.

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