07182019 – CrossFit & Swim

Made it to the 6:30am class today. It is always nice to be back at the gym. Its nice to have all the equipment, programming, and of course supportive people and coaches to cheer you on!

Today was a shoulder press day. I’ve struggled with this movement in the past. Its not surprising I guess. I have trouble getting the bar out of the front rack, especially. We did a few kettlebell presses and then an arm bar press, which was a lot like a Turkish Getup, except you rolled over (with the kettlebell locked out overhead) instead of getting up.

The plan was to get to a heavy 5 and then do 4 sets of 4 with that weight. I used the 35# bar to give myself an extra warm-up set. So I did the bar, 45, 55, 65, and ended on 75. The sets of 4 were not terrible, but definitely were not easy. I probably couldn’t have done any higher weight than that.

Following the shoulder press, we did a relatively short, 2 movement metcon that had box jumps and sit-ups. The rep scheme was 18-15-12-9-6-3. I used a 24″ box which was Platinum and finished in 6:12. I only missed the box once and fortunately did not scrape my leg!!

It is shaping to be a great day out and the swim was with a nice sunny sky. My shoulders were obviously tired from this morning so I decided to do a more endurance type swim. I jumped in and did 4 x 200 with about a two minute break in between. The 200’s were consistently around 4:12 so that felt good. I did the first 100 yards of each with bilateral breathing and even did the first one with almost 150! That felt good. A few times I also tried to switch to bilateral in the last 50 just to see if it was possible. I think some of it is that I get oxygen deprived and need more air in my lungs! I was definitely happy with the workout! Those were also my longest consistent intervals.

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