07122019 – CrossFit & Swim

I did a CrossFit style workout this morning from earlier in the week on PSE Pro. First it was lunges with the barbell on my back. 5 on each side. Then a monster walk 14 steps on each leg. Followed by 10 hamstring bridges on each leg. For 3 rounds. I was feeling it in my glutes!

Then the MetCon was 2 6 minute AMRAPs with a 3 minute rest between. It was supposed to be with two kettlebells but I only have one of each weight. I ended up using the barbell as I didnt have any dumbbells to meet the thrusters at a challenging weight. So I did 75#. The first round was 6 deadlifts, 4 cleans, 2 thrusters. The second round was 2 thrusters, 4 cleans, and 6 deadlifts. This was a gasser. I did 6 rounds plus 10 on the first set and 6 rounds on the second. The thrusters felt easier on the second round, but I was obviously slower.

Not sure what happened to my watch during the swim. I was in the middle of my 3rd 100 and it vibrated. When I got to the end it wasn’t recording anything. When you look at Strava it says I took 8 hours to swim 200 yards! I’m using the Garmin Connect screenshot because it shows the CrossFit workout too.

I did 4×100 yards and 2×50 yards. Continuing to work on bilateral breathing and not breathing every stroke.

So total swim was 500 yards.

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