01032019 – CrossFit

Finally felt healthy enough to work out! The Influenza A definitely has a long tail of getting back to 100% and I’m definitely not there yet. My last fever was on Christmas Day so it’s been over a week and I’ve still had a lot of congestion, lung mucus, and just being worn out. I’ve taken more naps in the past few weeks than I can remember! 

I decided to do Solcana’s WOD instead of coming up with my own. I might have been better off doing some bodyweight workout, but oh well! 

I had to do some modifications and did 8 rounds of 2 front support holds on the rings as part of the gymnastics/warmup.

Then on to some back squatting. I did the dynamic warmup and put 95 on the bar and did 5, then 125 at 5 reps. Getting to the actual work was a 3 2 1 2 3 ladder with 10lb jumps. I started at 165, then 175 and did 1 rep at 185 and then descended back down. 

The Metcon called for dumbbells and my sister didn’t have any in her gym so I opted for kettlebells. The devil press looked painful and not doable with kettlebells so I just went for swings. I did one armed push press with the kettlebell and switched at 4 reps. I also did hanging knee raises. 

8 minute AMRAP 

8 hanging knee raises

8 kettlebell swings 35lb

8 kettlebell push press 35lb

I was able to finish 7 rounds in the 8 minutes. Not exactly as written but it was still a good challenge that got me moving. 

Here’s a pic of the barn gym:

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