12122018 – CrossFit

I was awoken early this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep.  I also get the daily EOD (email of the day) from CrossFit so I knew the mainsite workout was 4×10 Deadlift.  My new weight set in the basement would work great for that, so I finally got out of bed and did a little warmup before doing 4 sets of 10 deadlifts.  It should have been adding weight each set, but I decided to keep it at the same weight 135#.  The first set felt stiff, but by the last set they were feeling good.  I definitely could have added more weight for a longer set.  Thinking back now when we finished our Deadlift cycle I was doing some relatively heavy longer sets of Sumo Deadlift so I could easily have done more.  Oh well.  I got some work done at home and that felt good! 

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