06112018 – CrossFit

Back squat day! It has been almost a full month since I’ve been able hit squat day and they have been getting heavy. Today was no different. 6 x 3 at 85%. 

But first we warmed up with 4 minutes of pullups. I started out doing strict pullups and then had to use a band for the last 2 minutes. I got maybe 12 done. 

Then squats… we warmed up and got 130 on the bar and that felt like a good challenge for the day. My 1RM is 200, so it was well below the 85% mark. But I got it done. 

The MetCon was an 8 minute AMRAP. It was one where you added 2 reps to each movement with each new round. The two movements were 

Renegade Row

Dumbell Front Rack Lunges

The Gold standard was using 25lb dumbbells. Platinum was 40lbs.

So the first round was 2 of each and that went by fast, then 4 of each, and then 6, etc. The first two rounds went really fast! I was able to complete 129 reps, which was getting up to 16 renegade rows and 1 lunge before the 8 minutes was over. I was satisfied with that! 

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