Running Groups are Great!

It was great to run with a group of people again last Saturday. I ran with the Polar Bears a group from the Minnesota Distance Running Association. I ran with the second pack at around 8 minute pace. We ran out 45 minutes along the Minnehaha Parkway and then turned around and came back. It was very nice to run with other people and made the run go by a lot easier. The front pack of guys are training for Boston, so they went longer at a pretty steady pace.

It is amazing how much difference it can make running with other people. Even without talking the pace just kind of moves you and you feel like no effort has been exerted. Now it did feel like we ran almost 11 miles when we finished, but it was a good feeling! Crunch, Crunch, Crunch – the sound of a group running along the snow-covered trails!

I ran with them again this past week. I went out with the front group which was running around 7 minute pace. This was perfect for the workout schedule. They made it a lot easier to stay motivated and focused on pushing through the pain!

Do you train with a group?? Which one?? If you are a Twin Cities runner which running club(s) do you belong to?

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