Funny Garmin Map

I couldn’t resist posting this picture even though its not Foto Friday. This was mapped on my “long run” this past Saturday. I obviously am not able to walk, let alone run on the river – although the river is mostly frozen over. I was running alongside the river. This is a screenshot from the Garmin Training Center. Both Sporttracks and Motionbased placed me alongside the river. This leads to the question – why can’t Garmin’s software be really accurate?

Although I guess if Garmin’s niche is just the GPS equipment then they have accomplished Jim Collin’s Good to Great Hedgehog Concept pretty well!

Just thought I would let you share in the humor! I’m at a national training for work this week in Chicago – at the Airport Marriott. If you know the Marriott then you know they charge an arm and a leg for Internet access (and their rooms!) So I’m not sure how much posting I’ll be able to do!

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