Best of 2008: Personal Race Experience

Here is a  list of my best performances at each distance this year:

TC 1 Mile 5:27  MCQ = 39:13

USATF 5000m 19:51MCQ = 41:14

Human Race 8k 31:27 MCQ = 39:38

Get in Gear 10k 41:30 MCQ = 41:30

MDRA 15k 1:03:24 MCQ = 40:55

Rochester Half-Marathon 1:33:22  MCQ = 41:58

City of Lakes 25k 1:48:40  MCQ = 40:34

Twin Cities Marathon 3:25:43  MCQ = 43:41

Based on how I felt during and after the race I’m going to say it is between the MDRA 15k and City of Lakes 25k.  City of Lakes was an average pace of 6:59 while the MDRA 15k was a 6:48 pace. The number next to the finish time above is the McMillian Calculator‘s 10k equivalent.

I would have picked City of Lakes as my best performance of 2008 but according the the somewhat scientific method of McMillian the TC 1 Mile was my best overall performance, then the 8k, then City of Lakes.

I know that using McMillian’s calculator isn’t neccessarily the most precise way to figure this out.  Do you have a better method?

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