End of an Era

The  final week of 2009 included a few good workouts.

Two Elliptical workouts (5.4 miles), 2 swimming workouts (1,050 yards)  and 3 weights (machines at 50lbs)!

No snow shoveling, though I need to go out and break up some ice!!  The sun comes out and melts enough to make a messy situation in the morning.  Especially when the overnight temps get down into the negative double digits.

My foot had been feeling better, though the heel was still sensitive to direct pressure.  I thought things were looking up.  Sadly, I slammed my foot on the pool wall (I miss judged the distance while turning around) and it has been hurting again.  Part of me is ready to give up on it and start running again.  Now that it is a new year, I’m going to get into a sports doc and see what the “other options” are.  Amputation?  Cortisone? Botox? Slicing the PF?  Time will tell!

This was Saturday after we got back from the YWCA.

Here is a look at this week’s swim workout:

Week 2 – Workouts 3 and 4: Swim 10 x 50 yards, take 30 to 45 seconds of rest between each 50.

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