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04262019 – CrossFit and Run

The 3:30 class was pretty full which was a nice change from the past few weeks! The work day was pretty stressful and we had a full evening, but it was good workout! 

After a pretty long warm-up we had 12 minutes to find a Heavy set of 2 back squats. I probably had a little bit more in me when the time cap hit.  I totally screwed up the warm-up sets when I put 45# plates on the bar…. oops. We were supposed to start at 50% and 135 is more like 70%.  Yikes! It took me until the second warm-up set to realize the mistake.  I ended at 180 for the Heavy 2. 

Then the MetCon was a 10 minute AMRAP with three movements. 

20 single arm kettlebell swings 35#, 15 sit-ups, and 1 length sled push with 45# plate on it. I actually started with the sled push. It was a quick little burner. I was able to complete 5 rounds plus 27 reps of the Gold standard. 

After cooling down a little bit I changed and headed to our friends house for our annual Get in Gear Fun Run tradition. We meet-up and then all walk (kids biked this year) down to the Minnehaha Falls to check-in.  This year they had the 3 options again 2K, 3K, or 4K. They have the turn around spots marked and you can choose as you go. After last year’s breakout run by Caleb I went with him! 

Ready to Go!

Caleb went out like a rocket cutting in and out of people!  I had to go pretty quick to keep up with him and I ended up running on the side of the road so I wouldn’t be dodging hundreds of kids. Once I caught back up I told him to try and pace himself a little bit! He walked for about 1 a minute and then took off again!  He had been saying he wanted to do the 2K so I wasn’t surprised when as we approached the turn around he said he wanted to turn around.  We waved at our friends as we ran back past them. On the way back he walked for about a minute and I kept reminding him to take it easy! I told him as we rounded the final bend that he could run all out after we passed a specific light pole. It was maybe a little too far out for him.

Kicking to the finish!

We finished in just over 13 minutes. After sitting for a bit he said he wished he had gone longer! Nadia decided to do the 3K so we had to wait for a little while but it was fun to see all the kids of different ages coming through!  

Finishing happy and strong!

After everyone finished we hit up the refreshment tables, dance tent, and race cars before heading back to our friends and enjoying pizza and friends!

04272018 – Run x 2

Sometime this week I realized I made a mistake that I haven’t made in the 15ish years I’ve been running post-college.  I had miscounted my days for a training plan.  Some how I was a week off – I was going to be ready for race day a whole week early!  Ugh.  I know I won’t repeat the weekend workout and I’ll figure that out later.  I decided that it’d be better to repeat one of the workouts I’ve already done instead of repeating a later workout.  So I went out for a 6×800 with 2:30 rest.

My alarm went off at 4:30am.  I think a combination of the exhaustion of the week, the early hour, and the frustration of screwing up the calendar made it extra hard to get out of bed this morning.  I didn’t actually leave the house until almost 5am which is a super long time for me to get ready!  I was also a little stiff and sore from yesterday’s workout!

I decided to try and see if the Luce Line trail was cleared of the man-made snow and open up another route for running.  Unfortunately, I got a little ways down and realized that the annual flooding was in full force.  Frustrating.  So I turned around in the middle of an 800. It was hard to tell how deep and far the flooding went, but I know from previous years that it has been up to my cranks on my bike – so not an ideal way to start out a run.

So I made my way back out and did essentially the reverse of my normal loop through Wirth.  I spent more time in the Bog side and tried not to repeat any of the same sections, but inevitably that happened a couple of time.  It was nice to “explore” this section as I hadn’t much yet.  There was really only a few muddy spots on this side. One challenge is trying to stay off the bike trails as they are officially closed to all traffic.  I think I did that ok. Only one section of my whole run was actually shoe clingy muddy!

Overall I ran 5.25 miles in 54:33.









We have an annual tradition of the kids running the Get in Gear 2K with some friends.  We met up and walked down to the race. I ran with my daughter for the 2K and she did pretty well.  I was impressed that my son actually beat her!! They both had to stop and walk a few times throughout. It is a fun event, especially when done with friends.  We also ran into an old running buddy and that was fun to catch up a little bit with him.  It was like 62, but with lots of wind and a few random sprinkles!

Get in Gear 10k

I didn’t run the Get in Gear 10k this year, though I would have loved to be in shape to take part in this “Annual Rite of Spring.”  It was a cool (low-50’s) and rainy morning (with a spell of lightening and thunder before race time), which was actually better than two years ago when it was in the 30’s with snow on the ground!  See my race report from the 2008 edition.

As I mentioned on Monday a friend and I showed up to Minnehaha Falls fairly late, close to 10am or an hour after the 10k and 1/2 started and 40 minutes after the 5k.   The 10k race is the main event, even though there is a 2k, 5k, and half-marathon.  We got to see the back of the pack runners finishing and then the half-marathon leaders finish.  It was sad to see that they haven’t fixed the finish area problem of runners from the longer races merging into the shorter ones and having to dodge runners and walkers.  It seems it would be easy to setup cones for at least the last tenth of a mile to separate the races.  I’m sure the leaders would appreciate that!

Below is a video montage I created from some of the videos and pictures I took.  I’m not sure what the issue is with my cell phone’s video encryption but sometimes Windows Movie Maker doesn’t read the video, while Flickr does.  So Kim Scheel, Women’s 1/2 marathon finisher, didn’t make it into the montage, but gets her own separate video!

Kim Scheel finishing the 1/2 marathon in 1:28:23.

Rocco at the MDRA (who finished in 37:21) also found this video by Brett Sall who finished in 45:25, not bad for his first race:

Get In Gear 10K from Brett Sall on Vimeo.

How was your Get in Gear Experience this year?

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