12092019 – CrossFit

We had a fairly big class this morning. I was 11th to sign up, but some didn’t make it out. I’m sure the snow storm had some impact on that!

After some stretching we did a gymnastic warmup that included hollow rocks, wall walks, and wall holds. The hollow rocks are hard for me and I’m sure that improving the hollow position would help in a lot of my gymnastic movements.

After the warm-up we did front squats. The goal was to get to a heavy 4 for the day and then do 3 sets of 1-3 reps at that heavy weight. I worked up to 135, which felt pretty good for the day. I then did a set of 3, set of 2, and a set of 3 at that weight. I was focusing on trying not to collapse at the bottom. In some of the earlier sets I was getting to parallel and then collapsing to get all the way to the bottom which wasn’t necessary.

The MetCon was 5 rounds for time of 200m row and 12 overhead squats. I chose the squats at 65# which by the end was feeling quite heavy! I started with 2 sets of 6 squats on the first round and then the rest of the rounds did 3 sets of 4. I think 45# would have felt really light and 65 was a good challenge – I was the last one done. I had a couple of no reps where I dropped the bar mixed in. But I was glad to get it done! I finished the work in 14 minutes.

My legs were sore!

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