03022019 – Run and Ski

With 6 more inches of fresh snow, I didn’t want to be the first bike on the trails again so I opted for a run. Normally I’d run on the sidewalks and do a boring loop in the city, but this morning I went more adventurous and headed towards the trails. I figured rightly that I’d find some paths that were more packed down, but I guess wrong that the ski trails wouldn’t be groomed yet. So at times I ran in snow that was knee deep and some harder packed snow on the edge of the groomed trails.  Running back on the paved trails was a little bit better, but they hadn’t been plowed yet either. Since I had a little time and the trails were groomed I ran home and grabbed my skis. I walked back to the natural snow and started skiing.  The snow was a little soft and wasn’t easy to move on.  So I did a short loop and then headed over to the man made stuff. It was better, but they were getting ready for a race so I didn’t ski too much. I ended at the Drevil’s Drop and walked home. 

3 miles running

2.4 miles skiing

I invited my Ohio family up for a picnic… they didn’t seem too interested. 


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