06172018 – Run

Exhausted from a late night movie and in some sweltering heat and humidity my 5K Time Trial was not all I was hoping for.  We got a chance to go see Solo.  I think it was good, it definitely doesn’t live up to the other Star Wars movies, but it wasn’t horrible like some have said.  We went to a late showing and got home after midnight – so technically I started Father’s Day off at a movie and Cub Foods!

It has been super muggy and hot with Excessive Heat Warnings and storms coming and going for a few days and this morning was no different.  I got out for a run in between 2 storms again and the humidity was pretty oppressive. The 5K loop from home around Wirth Lake was my plan.  But you know me and my watch have trouble sometimes.  I couldn’t get it to start a new lap.  I tried several times and was getting really frustrated and bitten by horse flies so I kept going and took a full mile warm-up.

I feel that I gave a good effort throughout and the few times I looked at my watch I was in the 7:00 minutes so I was a little surprised at the final times.  But it is what it is now.  5K in 26:51 or 8:39 pace which will come into play later in training.

The total mileage was 4.87 in 46:13.

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