04132018 – CrossFit

I was excited to finally see some running programmed back into the MetCons! Not everyone else in my class shared that excitement with me! Oh well.  Our warm-up wasn’t heavy lifting but it was more like some accessory lifts that weren’t easy!

The warm up was 3 rounds of

10 barbell rows

10 z press

10 single leg deadlift per side w/ KB.

The MetCon was 4 Rounds for Time:

200 meter run

2 length sled push (45# plate on it)

40 double unders

12 Toes to Bar

The only modification I did was 80 single unders instead of dubs and my Toes to Bar wouldn’t pass strict standards, but were more T2B than Hanging Knee Raises. My overall time was 19:27.  Not an excuse, but a challenge we had was that the floors had just been cleaned so it was hard to keep the sleds moving consistently across the floor and at some points your feet were slipping on the wet floor.

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