03242018 – Running

I took Amber (the puppy) out for the run this morning.  It was a relatively easy run 80% of last week’s 2 mile Time Trial. So the goal pace was 9:30.  That seemed slow and the pace felt reasonable throughout the run.  I actually kept running faster than that!

I tried out a new leash with Amber that actually went around my waist and it felt great to not need to hold the leash.  She did fairly well of not pulling too much on me, but it was annoying when she did.  I need to make it a little looser so it will slide around my waist better as she runs behind and around me!

We tried out some trails and they are getting closer to being snow/ice free but it was touch and go in a few places – almost falling down. Amber definitely didn’t help with that!  My overall 5K was 28:20 which is 9:08 pace.  So a little faster than I was supposed to, but it felt good overall. It felt comfortable throughout.  Some of the icy patches obviously slowed me down quite a bit, but like I said there weren’t a ton of them and for the most part they were short. I did decide not to try one trail as it looked pretty icy and was going to be uphill.

Total run 4.9 miles in 47:35.  I did almost a mile warmup and then my 5k ended about a mile from home.



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