September 2011

Read 12 books with a variety of topics, genres, and styles. I read Teatime in Mogadishu which was an inspiring story about a Somali man who tried to spread peace in Somali.

Complete a Triathlon Square Lake Short Course, September 10. 0.5 Mile Swim 16.5 Mile Bike 5 Mile Run. Done! I am a Triathlete! I unofficially finished in 1:58. Results still aren’t posted. Check out my full review.  But I was happy and am thinking about doing it again next year. 

Finish this YouVersion devotional plan (Bible Study).  Continuing to go well.

Make a substantial change to one of my programs at work. Completed. I’m about 75% into the second programmatic change which is creating a school supply store with an all student staff.

Blog Regularly Getting sick and then not running for several weeks have left me not very motivated to post.

Learn how to use my digital camera and experiment with its features. I’ve abandoned this goal.  There is still time, so we’ll see.  I’ve been using my phone a lot since it has an 8mp camera and my camera is 10mp.

Curing Plantar Fasciitis, was the most viewed post again. The order doesn’t change: number two was Treating Plantar Fasciitis, and a close third was Twin Cities Running Stores.

September Data:

Running: 20.9 miles

Biking: 137.1 miles

Swimming: .5 miles

2 thoughts on “September 2011

  1. Kat

    Congratulations on becoming a triathlete! That's a pretty fantastic accomplishment as far as September goals are concerned. Or goals for the year for that matter.


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